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40 Visa-Free Countries for Nigerians

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Exiting the country necessitates a number of procedures and careful planning. With a Nigerian passport, which ranks 83rd in terms of global travel freedom, obtaining a visa application is always stressful, challenging, and time-consuming. Knowing that you can visit some countries without the hassle of obtaining a visa is therefore a relief.

You can enter some Asian, American, and Oceanian countries as well as some African nations with simply a current international passport, negating the need for a visa. However, some could be compelled to do so at the port of entry. Although the visa requirements for Nigerian nationals of these countries differ, some of them would issue you a visa upon arrival in exchange for a visa fee, and some of them would permit you to stay for a set amount of time without the need for a visa. Anyhow, in order to enter any of these nations, you would need to hold a current international Nigerian passport.

Conditions for Traveling to a Visa-Free Country

Although a Nigerian passport does not require a visa for entry into 45 countries. If you are at the point of entrance into the country you wish to visit, you might need to organize some items. Before leaving the nation, you will require the following:

It is important to remember that you can visit some nations without obtaining a visa. However, you would need to pay a visa fee in order to enter the nation. When visiting a nation without a visa, you can go without paying the additional fees associated with obtaining a visa and still have a great time. Your passport also needs to be valid for at least six months from the date of your arrival.

40 nations to which you can travel without a visa

1. Morocco: Visas are not required for Nigerian passport holders to enter Morocco. The people are friendly, and the weather is pleasant. Both visitors and honeymooners should visit there.
2. Cape Verde: This is an island nation off the coast of West Africa. It is a wonderful place to visit and has lovely scenery and nice weather. Although it is a visa-free country, visitors must still obtain a visa at the border. You must show a return ticket if you are a Nigerian passport holder. This is evidence that you aren’t extending your stay past the period granted to you.
3. Benin Republic: Nigerians do not need a visa to enter the West African nation of Benin Republic. Nigerians may stay for up to three months, according to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).
4. Burundi: Burundi is a nation in East Africa that doesn’t require a visa for admission for up to 30 days.
5. Chad: Chad is another country that does not require a visa for travellers for a period of three months. In Central Africa is where the nation is situated.
6. Cameroon: West African nation of Cameroon offers Nigerians a 90-day visa waiver. Additionally, Cameroon belongs to the ECOWAS group of nations, which promotes free travel among its members.
7. Cote d’Ivoire: Nigerians can enter and remain in Cote d’Ivoire, previously the Ivory Coast, without a visa. It is located in West Africa.
8. Barbados: Barbados allows Nigerian passport holders admission without a visa for a period of six months. The guests must, though, have a return ticket and enough money to cover their stay.
9. Dominica: Nigeria and Dominica have found common ground thanks to the Commonwealth organization. Nigerians can obtain from this Caribbean nation. Nigerian nationals are granted a 21-day free entry visa. It is one of the nations to which you can travel without a visa that is not in Africa. You must, however, present your return ticket.
10. Fiji Island: Nigerian passport holders are permitted visa-free access into Fiji Island for a period of four months. However, a visitor’s permit can be required.
11. Gambia: Holders of Nigerian passports are permitted 90 days of visa-free entry into the Gambia, although a return ticket is required.
12. Ghana: Nigeria grants Western Africa the advantage of unrestricted travel, hence no visa is needed to enter the nation.
13. Guinea Conakry: Guinea Conakry is a nation in West Africa that speaks French and is a part of the ECOWAS alliance. Nigerians are permitted access without a visa.
14. Guinea Bissau: As a former Portuguese colony and current ECOWAS member, this country grants Nigerians 90 days of visa-free travel.
15. Liberia: Nigerians are not required to have a visa to enter Liberia, but you must have a return ticket to show how long you want to stay there.
16. Maldives: As Commonwealth members, both Nigeria and the Maldives enjoy visa-free entry for a period of 30 days.
17. Mali:  Another nation that does not require a visa for Nigerian passport holders is Mali. All you have to do is present a return ticket that specifies how long you intend to remain.
18. Republic of Niger: There is no restriction on travel between these West African neighbors. Due to the Republic of Niger’s proximity to Nigeria, citizens of that country do not require visas to enter.
19. Senegal: Senegal belongs to the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), which permits unrestricted travel among its members. Senegal is thus another nation that Nigerians can enter without a visa for a period of 90 days.
20. Sierra Leone: Sierra Leone is another country in West Africa that upholds the freedom of entry and travel permitted by the ECOWAS states. Sierra Leone is now a nation with open borders.
21. Togo: Nigerians can travel to Togo without a visa because it is a Western African nation. Another visa-free nation in Africa for Nigerians is Togo.
22. Vanuatu: The Oceanian nation of Vanuatu grants free entry to Nigerian passport holders for a period of 30 days without requiring a visa. You will nevertheless need to present a return ticket and evidence of enough money for oneself to enter the nation.
23. Bangladesh: Bangladesh, which is on the Asian continent, is another nation outside of Africa that accepts Nigerians without a visa. However, a 30-day Visa is given out at the airport.
24. Burkina Faso: Nigerians are not need to have a visa to enter Burkina Faso for any predetermined period of time.
25. Comoros: East African nation of Comoros offers visas on arrival and does not require a visa for entry. The island of Comoros is populated and features white sand beaches, enormous fruit bats, volcanoes, and tropical rainforests.
26. Cambodia: Located in Southeast Asia is the nation of Cambodia. Despite the fact that a visa is not required to enter, Nigerian nationals are given a 30-day visa upon arrival.
27. Kenya: Kenya is an additional visa-free nation in East Africa, but visas are only provided at the border. There is a lot of wildlife there, making it a lovely tourist attraction.
28. Uganda: Nigerians are welcome to visit this East African country with a wealth of historical monuments and cuisine, but they must secure a visa at the point of entry.
29. Sudan: Nigerians can obtain visas at the border to visit this enormously large country’s extensive deserts and wildlife reserves.
30. Rwanda: Although Nigerian passport holders can enter Rwanda without a visa, they must apply for one upon arrival.
31. Djibouti: Djibouti, which is in East Africa, does not require a visa for admission, but one can be purchased there. One of the top locations for tourist attractions is there.
32. Georgia: Only Georgia in Europe provides Nigerians with visas upon arrival. Due to the fact that visas are only provided upon entry, it is frequently referred to as a visa-free country.
33. Mauritius: Nigerians may enter Mauritius without a visa for a period of 90 days.
34. Somalia: Nigerians can enter Somalia with a 30-day visa upon arrival. Another nation where you can go without a visa is Somalia, where you can stay for up to 30 days.
35. Sri Lanka: Nigerian passport holders going to Sri Lanka will need to obtain a “Electronic Travel Authorization” in order to stay there for a 30-day period without a visa.
36. Tanzania: this nation does not require a visa for entry and enables Nigerians to obtain visas upon arrival.
37. Seychelles: East African nation of Seychelles is a visa-free one. However, prospective travellers to the Seychelles are recommended to apply for an extra 1-month visa prior to their arrival.
38. Mozambique: Thanks to an agreement between South and West African nations, Nigerians traveling to Mozambique can obtain a 30-day visa upon arrival.
39. Haiti: Nigerians can enter the Caribbean nation without a visa for a three-month stay. It implies that you may stay in Haiti for up to 90 days. By presenting a return ticket, you should be able to demonstrate that you will be coming home at the conclusion of your trip.
40. Madagascar: An African nation called Madagascar allows Nigerians to obtain 90-day visas upon arrival.

You can travel to roughly 45 countries without a visa if you have a Nigerian passport. Some of these are a result of ECOWAS participation or Commonwealth membership. Before a visa is needed, you can stay in some of these nations for around three months, while in others, you can get a visa as soon as you arrive.


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