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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi ..I need ur prayers for acceptance in college

  2. Anonymous says:

    Greetings All in Jesus name!
    please brethrens pray for me I need academic, career and financial breakthrough

  3. Rapheal says:

    Please I need prayers to be admitted into the university of my choice.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me, I need God’s help with my academics


    Good morning all. I need serious prayer for God’s direction. Everything in my life seems to be stagnant, nothing is moving. Am heading for a crash, but I remembered we have a God. Please good people of God, pray to God on my behalf to show me the way and as you do this, may God almighty visit us with our needs in JESUS name, AMEN.

  6. Anonymous says:

    pray for me i want to grow spiritually strong in God .. and to be a prayer👏

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hai I’m seriously in need of prayers cos I find out that I kip doing wat is not right.

  8. Glory says:

    Good Afternoon all am new here

  9. Anonymous says:

    I want to be closer to God and I also want God to restore my relationship

  10. MARY J.C. says:

    I need prayers for my life and family,for GOD protection over my life,nothing is working for me.i have been working as a nanny,house help for so long,no good payment am just 22 years.i need a job right now,and i want GOD to bless me through that work.AMEN.

  11. Mbimhu Bruno says:

    Please I need prayers against limitations. Let God fill my mouth with words to worship him

  12. Anonymous says:

    Humbly need your support in prayers ,,had submitted my CV am still waiting for the interview. God’s time is the best

  13. Anonymous says:

    i need your prayers
    am sick,and the sickness
    seems like it is the work of
    pray for me
    i need God
    as you pray for
    the Lord will continue to bless you
    and keep you safe from every evil
    through Christ our Lord Amen

  14. Anonymous says:

    My life is a mess please pray for me to have job, peace and big happy family.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I have battling with masturbation I have been fasting and pray but’ll couldn’t avail please I need a prayer I know that your prayers are powerful will settle me free may God continue to strengthen you people in Jesus mighty name Amen 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  16. Selikem Bansah says:

    Please pray for my relationship for God’s will to be done, every problem it’s facing should cease and that the peace of Lord reign.
    Please also pray for my mother’s that God should take all her debts away and should bless her with a house of her own. Amen

  17. Prince mkansi says:

    I am humbling my self and ask for prayers in to my life ,every time when I start my things everything is tourning apart I DNT know what’s going on with my life sometimes I even think of comithe suicide but I thank God i was trying to download gospel song then I come across this web. Then I leave my comment here amen

  18. Anonymous says:

    please, I need prayers, I have a problem of near success syndrome, I’m sad and tired of life nothing seem to be working… no man even want serious relationship with me….

  19. debby says:

    please, I need prayers, I have a problem of near success syndrome, I’m sad and tired of life nothing seem to be working… no man even want serious relationship with me….

  20. Anonymous says:

    I have spirit wife i heard fast and prayed several time please join me pray. I’m from ese odo LGA Ondo State nou,am worshipping at Baptist.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Plz Things In My Life Ar Not Moving Well We Ar Just Finishing Schools And We Ar Jst Home No Going To College Or Univesity Or Jst Simple Job Nothng 5 years Nw
    I And My Family Needs Strong Prayers

  22. Bitrus dachollom says:

    My dad is in sroke problem pls we need a strong prayer over him

  23. Anonymous says:

    Pls pray for me over my life things are not moving well around me

  24. Anonymous says:

    Please I need your prayers for my mother she has sick for 16years without working but I know that God will do something and on my school and I want to be a good sevant of God to stay in his way. With God all things are possible distance is not a problem to God

  25. Anonymous says:

    Please I need your prayers for my mother she has sick for 16years without working please I know that God will do something and on my school. Distance is not a problem to God

  26. madalitso benjamin says:

    hi, i am madalitso Benjamin from Malawi i want your prayer. i have been facing many attacks in my life since the day when God started blessing me in my life. when i got money sometimes i spent it on the useless thing … use my email: [email protected]

  27. David Ssansa says:

    Praisezion I do really love you. I need to pray for me for my academics, I need to join my University in Canada pray that may the hand of the living God draw me closer to my sponsor to support me. God bless you so much. You can contact me on +256701016291/+256773732481.

  28. Anonymous says:

    please I need prayers for my family especially my two brothers one is a drukard and the other one has stopped schooling doing nothing he doesn’t even want anyone to mention school to him,I know this is spritual but with God all things are possible.as for me I need a husband from God,I know God will do it in Jesus mighty name amen.

  29. patient says:

    pray for me,i want God to heal me from ear problem

  30. Am moureen says:

    Please pray for me thngs ar nt movng in my life since the day i was born til now

  31. Anonymous says:

    if GOD is for us who can be against us…

  32. Margaret F says:

    God should bring back what He had started in my life to a perfect achievement in reality. In Jesus most precious name, amen

  33. Joy Ene Joseph says:

    Pls I want you to pray for me I want to stop masturbating I tried so many times all to no avail I want to be close to God,very close to him and I need your help.pls help me

  34. Joy Ene Joseph says:

    Please help my academy life, I want to go and study in China .I want God to touch somebody so that they will sponsor me in Jesus Name.Amen

  35. Bright Kajiko says:

    I really love Praise Zion songs, they touch my heart and drow me closer and closer to God. I want you to pray for me, I am in Grade 12 and soon I will be writing my exams, but I have found myself in sickness without knowing where it has come from. It is affecting me physically and mentally, including in my studies such that whenever I try to study, I’m failing due to pains. I have a problem of continous Headache and Stomach pains. Therefore, I want you people of God to help me pray to God so that He will heal me, I believe and I have faith that I will be healed only in the name of Jesus Christ. Please help me, I am in trouble. I live in Zambia. God bless you all. Thank you!

  36. Princewill Ukandu says:

    Please I need help in my spiritual life, and my family.

  37. stephen says:

    i need prayers plz help
    i av mece up.
    in christ is were i can peace

  38. Anonymous says:

    I need prayers for my marriage challenges

  39. Chukwunonyelu Kenechukwu says:

    Hello… Greetings.
    please I need counselling on how to keep holding on Christ, times has been bad and I’m believe in God in breaking this chain of anxiety disorder in my life.
    I’m joining my faith with yours that heavenly armies will raise up to fight me out of this bondages. And may God bless me in all Round of life. Amen!
    My number ***********
    Thanks for this platform.
    God grant you more wisdom… Amen

  40. Diala promise says:

    I need prayer over my life and family, we received a revelation that another member of our family is going to die before 28 of June 2019 before the burial of my late mom…but before this revelation I have been receiving series of spiritual attacks at night n day time….I’m scared right now becos I’m just 26 of age…not ready to go down six feet…
    Please I need prayer

  41. makunya diana says:

    l want to join you on God’s work

  42. MOSES mwambafya says:

    please pray for me i need connection to people whom GOD has blessed spiritually,to activet me in the kingdom of GOD,I WANT TO BE SERVENT OF GOD,PRAY ALSO FOR MY FAMILY PROTECTION,( MOSES MWAMBAFYA)0961343366

  43. Gabriel Ayomide says:

    Pls I need your prayer against the spirit of thief and covetousness in my life because it has ruined my life in fact my hope of going to higher institution has almost been tarnished as I am now am owing almost 100k and i can’t account for a dime please sir join me in prayer please sir

  44. EKE says:

    I have been battling with H.I.V for a year now. i need prayers(help). i belief in prayers alot.

  45. KISAKYE ISAAC says:

    Praise the Lord, thank you for your love.
    please i need maybe another whatspp group on this page can i get the group from here please: +256700385114. thank you

  46. Eyakeno Joseph says:

    Pls I want you to pray for right partner for me there is a man that want to marry me I don’t know if he is my right man pls help me to pray. God bless u as u do that

  47. My name is obinna frank ani says:

    I want u guy to help me in prayer I want to relocate to another place but I don’t want to make mistake please help me in prayer for direction

  48. value says:

    Pray For me because i dont hve ajob ryt now

  49. Anonymous says:

    Please I need prayer for my family I was doing business but now I am nothing me and my husband has been going through set back and near success syndrome. I have two kids and have been unable to conceive for close to 9yrs.

  50. Ohunayo Ebini says:

    Pray 4 Me To Let Me Have Admission

  51. value says:

    Please Pray For Me So That God Can Intervine In My Life So That I Find A Job Nd I Completely Stop Masturbating Want To Draw Closer To Him

  52. Emmanuel....mordi says:

    Please brothers and sisters help me to pray that any power from my father side or morther side that are distubin me not to achive my goals in life shloud die by fire in the might name of jesus ,,,and my family things are not going well i dont now what the couse is but god almight should secarter there panes agaienst my family let doors of favour open for me and my family i emmanuel and my family will brig back praise to him alone desave our praise ,,,AMEN AMEN AMEN THANK YOU ALL GOD BLESS YOU ALL THANKS …..

  53. Paul says:

    I want the children of God should pray for me that all destiny changer in the family or in place of work or in my fathers house mothers home o lord fire them in Jesus name. Help me pray that power of sin I overcome you in Jesus name and every evil friends planing against my life o lord let them die in Jesus name amen

  54. James Ukpai says:

    Pray for God to heal me from disability and also help me to stop masturbation and guide me from every evil plans of the devil, and draw me closer to his presence..

  55. Elijah says:

    I Need Serious Prayers to Stop Masturbation and also the Grace to draw more closer to God

  56. Chinaza says:

    Please I need your prayer
    Especially in my family
    Things are not going the it suppose to, no help, no financial break through, promise and fail, no peace of mind,my senior sisters no body have ask the hand in marriage
    Also in my life am always seeing myself doing well in my academic when am in secondary school but I will am seeing my see as a failure which affect me seriously in this my exam
    Whenever I want to read I feel tired and when am reading am getting confuse which I know I have not experience since my life
    Please I need ur prayers as you do this let God continue to bless u in Jesus name Amen

  57. Cupson jude says:

    I need prayer for academic(shooolarship)

  58. Okorotie Felix perekeme says:

    I need prayer for academic and financial breakthrough.

  59. Jummai Yakubu says:

    I need ur prayers. Iam facing so many challenges in my relationship n also GOD should intaven in my situations. Thanks.

  60. John Williams says:

    I don’t love the life am living presently.. I want to be wash by the blood of Jesus.. Am a sinner, i don’t wanna share in my generational curse cos am a son of God, help me please

  61. Linus says:

    Pls I Need Prayer’s In My Life Becuase I am Passing Through different chanllecheges aload pls Pray 4 me 4 God to Intaven May God have mercy an here our Prayer

  62. Anonymous says:

    Good morning please I need counseling

  63. Sena says:

    Pls pray for me, I want God’s blessings in my career, and want God to give me my life partner

  64. Chioma says:

    Pls pray 4 me.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I need prayer

  66. this.value;EUNICE says:

    Pls i need your prayers,i want to stop masturbation and i want to be very close to GOD

  67. this.value; says:

    My name is Patience i want u to pray for that God will deliver me from sexual addiction & see me through my final yr in

  68. Martin says:

    challenges in my life as become beyond unholding. please pray for me. or share with me any idea. +254727965537 from Kenya. I think even to perish.

  69. martin says:

    I need your prayer. I have passed a lot that I am almost to give up in life. I see as if I have abandoned.

  70. Ose says:

    Prayer for total healing and Gods continous cover , for affliction shall never rise a second time . Also for liberation for my family and granting our heart desires. While Thanking God for all he has done and he is yet to do.?

  71. Monday says:

    Please help me pray so that God should touch the heart of jamb officials to release my admission letter.

  72. Hosea says:

    Am writing my final year exam i need prayer.

  73. Daniel says:

    Need a prayer lam a student ,God help me to pass my examinations well, also recover the issue of sc fees, .Also pray for my family

  74. value says:

    Help me in prayers,i want God to direct me a right man.

  75. Stephen says:

    I need you’re prayer, remember me !!!

  76. ESTHER EWARA says:

    Pray for me to be free from the captive of spiritual husband.

  77. John hope says:

    I what to write my exam i need prayer

  78. irene says:

    I need your prayers I’m a born again but leaving in a boredom life ,no friends strest

  79. Priscilla says:

    Anytime i became born again i fall back again.because of the people and enviroment am in.please i need you people to pray for the holyghost to arrest my family so that they can know there is a living God.and they can leave this worldly live alone.GOD Bless



  81. Gift says:

    Yes it is perfect but checkout on my matter ada

  82. Valentine says:

    To overcome the spirit of fear in Jesus name. God help me out…

  83. Anonymous says:

    pray for my family more especially my children Abigael in class six that God will favor her and open her eyes to understand.Alpha my son may he gain favor before the eyes of men and fear God. Lilian in form 4 may God speak in her grade… Thank you.

  84. Valentine says:

    My prayers are fear not to be my portion and God to open heavens for me financially.. Thank. God bless you all.

  85. Dom says:

    i need counselling i’have been mastabating

  86. Igwe Chukwuemeka says:

    I need a prayer for my family

  87. mukisa silvest says:

    I thank God for caring for me in my life I never
    Thought that I would also say some thing to the holy spirit and the things gets done for sure am so glad the to be a born again
    Now days I don’t fear anything wen I hve God, Jesus ,holy spirit and the blood of Jesus am blessed Jesus knows my name
    God bless u all
    Anyway am from Uganda I pray in Mutundwe Christian fellowship


    I ALSO LIKE AN LOVE WORSHIP SONG AM Tryin to shut out my own but it seems to be difficult to my me have taken one to the studio but please you guys should.09032627830 is my number

  89. Olive says:

    I Wish ,i Could Come There,with God Things Are Possible

  90. Obadiah David says:

    May the lord god bless you with more song to encorage us i like worship

  91. Anonymous says:

    Love you music they.bring me near to God

  92. EMELIA ADDY says:


  93. vayola says:

    I like praise and worship it builds me•thanks for your songs and everything its really encouraging me

  94. Ausaloka says:

    Your songs bless me a lot

  95. mathew Adebayo says:

    I love praise songs, so I need God to touch my life and use me for his glory

    • Bombilo says:

      Mathew Good morning, God can use you for his glory only if you avail yourself to him.
      all you need to do is to invite the presence of the holy spirit through prayers to guide you through the whole process; and don’t forget to put God first in all your deeds, and i promise you that your life will be a testimony to the glory of God. do have a wonderful encounter with the Holy spirit as the master of guidance.

  96. OPOLOT SIMON says:


  97. Atuhiere tinah says:

    Wow,ilove praise,bcoz praise song is ze spiritual,gift 4rm jesus.

  98. Anonymous says:


  99. VIOLA says:

    Av lvd uo ministry

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