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Requirements for Nigerian Students to Study in Germany – 2023/24

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One of the greatest places for Nigerian students to study abroad is Germany.

Germany, a member of the Schengen Agreement, provides free undergraduate and graduate education to students from Nigeria.

German universities are well regarded internationally for providing top-notch instruction and research in the humanities, sciences, and medical fields.

Because of the conducive learning environment and high caliber of instruction, studying in Germany is a dream come true.

But if you’re a Nigerian student interested in studying in Germany, there are prerequisites you must fulfill. These prerequisites include those related to the German language, academics, visa restrictions, etc.

You couldn’t enroll in any German-speaking university if you didn’t fulfill these requirements.

Being a Nigerian student studying in Germany

There is a sizable Nigerian community in Germany. For students, the nation offers a great experience in terms of architecture, education, culture, and way of life.

The fact that there are no tuition costs for undergraduate and graduate programs in Germany is one of its benefits.

It implies that attending German schools does not require a huge financial commitment.

Only a limited number of fees, including those for housing and food, are allowed to be paid each semester.

The ability to work while a student earning more than one thousand euros (€1,000) is another benefit of attending school in Germany.

The money you make while a student will be enough to cover both your personal and academic demands.

Learning German is a typical problem for students in Nigeria.

Well, if you are taking an English-taught course, you are not required to learn German. In any other case, you will enroll in foundational German language classes.

Before leaving Nigeria, make sure you study German utilizing websites like Duolingo and YouTube.

The types of courses available in German universities are as follows:

Germany’s Top Student Cities for Nigerian Students

The ranking of the best and most affordable student cities in Germany for Nigerian students is as follows;

Requirements for Nigerian Students to Study in Germany

The following are the requirements to study in Germany for Nigerian students;

  1. Apply to Study in Germany
  2. Open Block Account
  3. Secondary School Transcript
  4. Student Visa Type D
  5. Birth Certificate
  6. Passport Photograph
  7. Valid International Passport
  8. Medical Certificate
  9. English Language Proficiency Certificate
  10. University Application Form
  11. Admission Letter
  12. Nigerian School Certificate.

1. Apply to Study in Germany

Applying to a university in the destination country is the first step towards getting accepted to study there.

You must first conduct research about the college you wish to attend. The school to which you submit an application for admission will also take into account your subject of study.

In Germany, there are more than three hundred twenty (320) universities. It’s a good idea to limit your options to colleges with undergraduate and graduate English-language programs.

The school websites provide information about the deadline and qualifications for admission. Take your time and carefully browse the university website to get the information you need.

The procedures for applying to study in Germany are as follows;

2. Open Block Account

For students who need to open a block account in order to submit their visa application in Germany, the withdrawal options are restricted.

You should deposit the required amount of money into the block account in order to cover your first year in Germany’s academic and personal expenditures.

A Nigerian student’s projected monthly costs in Germany are €800. The result of multiplying €800 by the full year’s twelve (12) months is €9,600.

This implies that as soon as you receive your admission letter, you must register a block account in Germany. Only €800 can be withheld from your account each month.

The banks in Germany where a Nigerian student can open a block account are as follows:

3. Secondary School Transcript

German universities demand secondary school transcripts for admission.

Your WAEC or NECO results are unrelated to your secondary school. It is a summary of your secondary school grades.

To obtain your secondary school transcript, you must visit your secondary school.

4. Student Visa Type D

You can travel from Nigeria to Germany to further your studies with a document that says you are a German student.

The German Consulate General in Lagos is where the interview for the student visa is held. The application fee for Visa is €75.

A block account must be opened before going to the interview.

The documents required for your visa application are as follows:

5. English Language Proficiency Certificate

A certificate of English language proficiency is necessary for some schools.

However, a language proficiency certificate would not typically be required by German universities.

To find out if you require an English proficiency certificate, contact the university.

Study Requirements for Undergraduates

Study Requirements for Postgraduates


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