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Top 6 Scholarships In Germany For International Students – 2023/24

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Germany has long been regarded as the perfect location for international students who want to pursue their academic objectives while also being fully immersed in the local culture. Germany attracts students from all over the world because of its top-notch universities, state-of-the-art research facilities, and dynamic social scene.

The relatively inexpensive cost of living in Germany compared to other well-liked study destinations is one of the main advantages. For many international students, the cost of living in a new country might still be prohibitive. Scholarships come into play here.

For overseas students studying in Germany, there are a variety of scholarships that can assist with covering living costs and tuition costs. For students who would otherwise find it difficult to pay for their education or would have to give up their aspirations of studying in Germany completely, these scholarships can be a lifeline.

We will look at some of the best scholarships for international students in Germany in this article. Depending on your experience and academic objectives, you have a choice of options to pick from, including government-funded programmes and commercial organisations. There are scholarships available that can assist you in achieving your objectives and making the most of your time in Germany, whether you’re pursuing a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degree.

Awards from the Heinrich Böll Foundation

The Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship is one of the most esteemed awards offered to foreign students in Germany. The Heinrich Böll Foundation, a political organisation connected to the German Green Party, was founded in 1997. Its goal is to advance democratic principles, social equity, and environmental sustainability both within and outside of Germany.

Outstanding undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate students of all nationalities who are enrolled in a public or state-recognized university in Germany are eligible to apply for the Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship. The beneficiaries of scholarships are anticipated to have outstanding academic records and to have a clear passion for political and social concerns involving the environment, sustainability, democracy, human rights, and self-determination.

A monthly stipend of 850€ will be provided to non-EU students studying for a master’s degree in Germany in addition to their individual allowances, which may include tuition costs. The monthly stipend for EU students at the same level of study will be 649€, plus an additional 300€ for books. The scholarship is given for the usual study period, with the option of an additional semester.

In addition to a monthly stipend of 1,200 euros, non-EU PhD students in Germany are also entitled to other individual allowances (excluding tuition expenses) and a monthly mobility allowance of 100 euros. PhD students from EU nations, on the other hand, will be paid a monthly stipend of 1,350 euros plus a 100 euro research expenses allowance (tuition fees excluded). The scholarship is given for a two-year period with two half-year extensions possible.

With over 1,200 scholarships awarded yearly, the Heinrich Böll Foundation Scholarship is quite competitive. But for those who are chosen, it can offer a sizeable cash boost, the chance to meet others who share their views, and the chance to take part in a variety of events and activities run by the Heinrich Böll Foundation.


Programme for DAAD Scholarships

The DAAD Scholarship Programme, administered by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), is another well-known scholarship programme in Germany. The DAAD is a consortium of German higher education institutions charged with fostering international academic ties and providing financial aid and scholarships to international undergraduate and graduate students as well as scientists working in Germany.

Students who desire to study in Germany full-time are eligible to apply for DAAD scholarships. Candidates must have a bachelor’s degree from no more than six years ago and at least two years of verifiable job experience in order to be considered. For postgraduate students and doctoral students, the salary for the DAAD fellowship is 850 euros per month and 1,200 euros per month, respectively.

The range of scholarships and financial options that the DAAD Scholarship Programme provides is what sets it apart. All available scholarships and numerous programmes offered by various organisations in Germany are listed in the DAAD’s scholarship database. International students will find it simpler to obtain the funding that best suits their academic objectives and interests as a result.

In addition to financial support, the DAAD helps scholarship applicants with locating appropriate housing, negotiating German bureaucracy, and assimilating to German culture. Additionally, the DAAD plans a variety of occasions and activities that give scholarship holders the chance to interact with other international students and become more familiar with German culture.

The DAAD Scholarship Programme is, all things considered, a fantastic chance for overseas students who want to pursue higher education in Germany. The DAAD Scholarship Programme can assist overseas students in achieving their academic and professional goals while getting a taste of Germany’s distinctive culture and way of life thanks to its wide choice of financial opportunities and substantial support services.


DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme

One-of-a-kind in Germany, the DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme offers financial aid to deserving students from all over the world. All students enrolled at any participating German university are eligible for this award, regardless of their nationality or the family’s income. Through a partnership between companies, organisations, and private citizens, who each contribute 150 euros each month to sponsor students, the scholarship is made possible. The Federal Government also contributes an additional 150 euros to that sum.

The scholarship is given for two semesters, but it may potentially be good for the entire length of the programme. The institution evaluates the scholarship recipient’s academic progress after two semesters and confirms that they still meet the requirements for the award before the private financing is renewed. Additionally, this scholarship provides a range of mentorship initiatives, networking opportunities, and internships that can help students advance their academic and professional careers.

Regardless of their financial situation, the DeutschlandStipendium National Scholarship Programme aims to support high-achieving students. With the help of this scholarship, students can concentrate on their studies and meet their academic objectives without worrying about money. Additionally, this grant gives students the chance to network with professionals in the field and create important contacts.


The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship

For international students who want to study in Germany, there is also the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship. This fellowship seeks to support social democracy by providing financial aid for education. Foreign applicants may apply if they are enrolled in graduate or doctoral programmes at a state-funded or -recognised German institution of applied sciences. Students must have above-average academic standing in the social sciences, politics, or humanities to qualify for this award.

Even though the course they are enrolling in is in English, applicants must demonstrate high German language proficiency as one of the special eligibility requirements for this grant. Only 40 applicants per year from Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe are chosen for this funding programme, which has a restricted number of scholarship spots available. Undergraduate scholarship candidates will earn 830 euros per month, while master’s degree students will receive 850 euros per month in addition to health insurance fees.

Students who are enthusiastic about social democracy and are looking for financial assistance to pursue their academic endeavours in Germany have a fantastic chance thanks to the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarship. The scholarship is a great option for those who want to broaden their horizons and pursue their academic objectives because it not only provides financial aid but also motivates recipients to achieve academic excellence and enhance their language abilities.


Erasmus Scholarship Programs

Another choice for overseas students looking for financial support to study in Germany is the Erasmus scholarship programmes. Erasmus provides financial support for one-year exchange periods for overseas students at German institutions and is funded by the EU’s member states. Students must be enrolled in a higher education programme in order to be considered for the scholarship, and both their home university and the German university must have ratified the Erasmus Charter for Higher Education.

German universities take part in several study programmes supported by Erasmus Mundus and Erasmus+ scholarships, as do many other prominent universities in the EU. The grants cover the costs of enrollment, travel, and subsistence. Students can browse for courses offered in Germany via the Erasmus catalogue to find the full list of Erasmus Mundus master programmes.

International students have the chance to study in Germany while receiving financial assistance through Erasmus scholarship programmes. It is a fantastic choice for those who want to learn about the academic programme and culture of another nation while also making new friends and experiencing new things.


Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarships

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship is an excellent option for international students with above-average academic achievements who are interested in politics. This scholarship program is designed to support foreign students and doctoral candidates who have completed their undergraduate studies in their home country. It is available to students who wish to complete postgraduate, doctorate, or research programs in Germany.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship is particularly focused on students from developing countries or countries undergoing political transformation. The program aims to promote intercultural dialogue and international networks, which can help to develop relations between Germany and other countries.

Master’s and postgraduate students who are awarded this scholarship will receive a monthly stipend of 850€ for two years. Doctoral candidates and those who come to Germany for research purposes will receive a monthly amount of 1,100€ for three years. Additionally, tuition fees of up to 500€ per semester (only for courses related to the study/doctoral project) can be reimbursed through the scholarship.

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Scholarship offers a unique opportunity for international students to advance their education while building connections with German institutions and organizations. This scholarship is highly competitive, and only the most exceptional candidates are selected to participate.

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