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The Top 5 Law Schools in Dubai for Foreign Students

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Dubai has been the global centre for commerce over the years. Dubai is becoming the home for many foreign students who wish to launch their careers from the hub of the business world as a result of the increasing number of professional expats moving there. Here, we will list the best legal schools in Dubai.

In Dubai, there are now several approved universities from abroad. Their majority of campuses are situated in Dubai International Academic City, a free zone specifically created for tertiary educational institutions. International universities, branch campuses, privately owned institutions, and government-run colleges are all located in Dubai.

Top Law Schools in Dubai

The list of best law schools in Dubai is provided below. The list of universities in Dubai that provide an MBA and a medical school has already been stated. The top five international colleges in Dubai are also listed by us. Here is the most recent list of the best law schools in Dubai.

1. University of Dubai (UD)

The University of Dubai (UD) has developed since its founding in 1997 to suit the ever-changing demands of the global community. The University of Dubai puts in a lot of effort to develop a demanding curriculum centred on practical learning that yields a top-notch education and equips tomorrow’s leaders.
The College of Law provides an LLM with two double majors as well as the opportunity for students to combine any two majors to earn an LLM with dual concentrations.

LLM Majors: Graduates of the University of Dubai’s LLM programme will be well-prepared for positions in both legal and non-legal organisations.

2. American University in the Emirates (AUE)

One of the colleges in the United Arab Emirates that is expanding the fastest is the American University in the Emirates, or AUE as it is affectionately called.

Its Law School (College of Law) strives to be one of the top law schools in Dubai and the entire region, a centre for the community and those who will benefit from legal studies graduates by offering a suitable environment for education and scientific research, which are essential steps in the process of advancement and development, benefiting society and raising the level and quality of scientific, cultural, and educational advancements.

The purpose of the college’s legal education programme is to prepare matriculating students to guarantee that the law is applied fairly and to uphold and defend constitutional rights and freedoms. Establish guidelines and standards that support the protection of fundamental freedoms and human rights, and seek to uphold them. Help students undertake legal research that supports comprehending and resolving problems as part of their community service activities.

3. Middlesex University Dubai

Dubai’s Middlesex University provides a variety of undergraduate programmes from the London School of Law. Which are:

Law, criminology, sociology, social policy, politics, and international relations are among the fields that make up the School of Law. These fields have strong connections and a stellar reputation. Students are able to build the intellectual capacity and confidence to succeed both during their time at university and in their subsequent lives thanks to the connections between the various courses taught at the School of Law and the interdisciplinary viewpoints of the faculty.
Over the past 50 years, Middlesex has a proud history of teaching every topic offered by the school. The amount of prestigious publications and grants the school has received and continues to receive is a good indicator of the quality of its research. A variety of actors, including international organisations, governmental and non-governmental bodies, the media, and industries around the world, frequently call on staff who have established reputations as scholars, advisers, and social commentators to provide insights into issues and procedures that span jurisdictions. As a result, Middlesex University Dubai can be considered the top legal school in Dubai.

4. Al Ghurair University

Al Ghurair University, a community-focused institution that was established in 1999, with a licence from the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. AGU provides a wide range of approved programmes that are specifically designed to meet the demands of the UAE and the larger GCC. AGU has made investments in creating a superior learning environment that is nevertheless reasonably priced. Its students benefit from a specialised campus with cutting-edge amenities and study internationally recognised programmes instructed by top-notch academic members.

The College of Law’s programmes are listed below, making it one of Dubai’s top law schools.

The UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research as well as other nations like Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Iraq, Jordan, and India have authorised the College of Law at AGU. Additionally, it offers a prime position in Dubai Academic City.

5. United Arab Emirates University – College of Law

The first and foremost comprehensive national university in the United Arab Emirates is United Arab Emirates University (UAEU). The late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan established it in 1976. Approximately 14,000 Emirati and international students are enrolled at UAEU, which seeks to be a comprehensive institution with a strong focus on research.

There are three departments in the College of Law. the Department of Sharia and Islamic Studies, the Department of Private Law, and the Department of Public Law. The College now provides three Master’s programmes: an LLM in Public Law, an LLM in Private Law, and an LLM in International Trade Law. It also offers a Bachelor of Laws at the undergraduate level.

The College of Law’s programmes are all accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, but the College is actively striving to receive accreditation from other countries. Due to this, it is included in the top law schools in Dubai.


The best law schools in Dubai are listed here. Tell us if you have any other information. Few people are aware that the Middle Eastern countries are rapidly developing into centres for higher education, with numerous international universities opening campuses there. Similar to this, more and more local and international universities are opening in Dubai with each passing year. The greatest MBA, medical, engineering, arts & design, films & media, and other courses and programmes are all offered by each of them. These credentials and degrees are highly respected all around the world.

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