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  1. Promise says:

    Please pray for me I really need a break through financial breakthrough things have been though for me and I have a serious sickness inside me that have sworn not to go

  2. Chinenye says:

    please also pray to God to forgive me , I don’t enjoy going to church at times. sometimes I don’t feel like attending church service. I pray for divine financial breakthrough upon I and my brother. pray for me to succeed in this my new journey of academic life

  3. Chinenye says:

    please pray for me , am worried, distressed, heart broken, financially down. I have a problem of any man I love once we are serious one thing or the other will happen and it lead to them using and dump me.i recently went back to school after dropping out to complete my academic career but am scared please pray for me. My first boyfriend from years back came and we make up but he broke up with me because of my emotional ways of reacting to situations and I’ve been calling him and sending text messages s for him to forgive me but to no avail.

  4. Mwesigwa Shepherd says:

    Please am a student but i need some prayers because thing are not simple interms of school fees

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Pls see my number

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pray for me and l want u to tear me how to pray

  8. deez says:

    i neeed prayer for my family

  9. Henry ever cool boy says:

    Pray for my IELTS test we’re to sit I may pass it thnk u lord ????????????

  10. Henry ever cool boy says:

    Pray for me and I may successed for job of driving I’m perchesing outside the country in Denmark.

  11. Diana says:

    I need you to help me pray for my up coming jamb exam

  12. Ekechi Amarachi says:

    I thank God for the Grace He gave to You????????
    Pls Sir Am 23now and had been writing Jamb but
    No Admission ???????????????? Please l Need your prayers
    U can contact me with this line (09067552734

  13. Ifeoma says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    I need help

  15. Prince says:

    Please help me.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Please help me, I need money for my education.

  17. Victoria says:

    Pls pray for me,i’m fond of stealing and lying
    i really need to get out of this
    my parent don’t believe what i say.I’m sick and tired of this.
    Please help me
    I really want to achieve my dreams

  18. Willard musa says:

    Pray for am worried to much I need prayer and counseling

  19. Emeldah says:


  20. GOD GIFT says:


  21. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me am going through some hard time

  22. Christianah says:

    pls i need praye for my addimission and i need God to provide for my mum because she is the only one,and she said no money to send to school
    pls help me o

  23. Mable says:

    Thanks 4 yo ministries

  24. Uduakobong says:

    Please help me pray for good health , wisdom, prosperity and success in every aspect of my life

  25. Mama noella says:

    Help me pray for success in our family.

  26. Mama noella says:

    Help me pray for success in our family

  27. Blessing says:

    I need your prayers,i am seriously depressed

  28. Anonymous says:

    pray 4 me 2 prosper in my business

  29. alionzi nobert says:

    please pray for me for my examine which will start on 10th of December to see victory and my finance status.

  30. Henry wilson says:

    Need to grow spiritually, am used to think about girls mostly, sex dreams and attracted to these bikini pics .am trying on my own but a help can help me too????

  31. babatunde macheal ladoye says:

    please, help me, because, i know want, error fatching file aging, e’ve we download song, thank u.

  32. Hillary says:

    Pse help my fiancy that is daphine hope wth healing prayer en deliverence she iz facing hard situtions frm her family members, darknes in evry corners, jealous frm her family en words that she dnt deserve to hear smetimes she want to gve up in life but always i encourages her. I belive in Jesus en the power of prayers. I hve hope that her hrd situations shal go.

  33. Alieze obinna James says:

    Please help me to against every spirit of having sex in dream and also totally recovery and Divine promotion at work including destiny from God

  34. Anonymous says:

    I pray for my family, future and health

  35. Success says:

    Please I need prayer for my exams and to be intact with God

  36. Elisha markus says:

    I have made a promies with one girl and i want god to join us together as one

  37. Anonymous says:

    I’m having serious back ache and I want God bless me with a child

  38. Anonymous says:

    wow pray for me since i was born i admired to be army man

  39. PAUL SUNDAY says:

    I can testify that there’s God DUNAMIS. Because of the several miracle that usually take place in there.( GLORY DOOM).
    Please, l need prayer of healing and deliverance upon life and that my of mother,and my family as a whole. I need a that that God almighty to deliver me from every evil monitoring spirit that’s attacking whenever am sleeping and spirit of confusion. Also, I ask God to deliver my me, my mother and the who family from the power of sicknee and death.
    God almighty please, change my story and story and that of situation in Jesus name AMEN .

  40. Bigezo Joan Nancy form Uganda says:

    I pray for peace at my work and my family and pray that God change ma enemies

  41. Anonymous says:

    Grace to pray for others

  42. Anonymous says:

    Pray with me pls

  43. Enobong Bassey says:

    First of all,i tank god for my life,pls sir join me an pray for me:kidnappers kidnap my sister(blessing)these friday will make six years.pls help me pls.(2)pray that god should fulfilled his promise in my life an connect me my destiny helper

  44. Uko Ema says:

    Please I had a dream of being a good minister of God in music. And also survive financially from my duties to God. But I find myself working so so hard in the circular labor market and too little to care for my family. I do not like my paid job, because its not my passion. I dont know what to do sometimes i am tired of life wanting to commit suicide. I cant make my wife happy i cant be there for my children. I living a very difficult life. My younger siblings are living a better life than me. Please talk to God to know what’s my problem. Pls pray for God to redeem me from this line of life. Amen


    I always had bad dreams.



  47. Patience says:

    Pray for God’s grace and mercy to be upon I and my entire family and to deliver us from the enemies.

  48. Eric haery says:

    Gud morning to my beloved brethren, pls I need prayers, since I got married last yr december, things have been very difficult for me, eating have Been so hard for us, debt everywhere. Pls help me pray for financial favor

  49. Dominion says:

    Send the phone number to 09123798803

  50. Hillary junior says:

    Pse help me with healing prayer and wholeness for my friend Daphine. She is eva falling sick and i believe there is power in prayers and the name of JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.

  51. Anonymous says:

    I need god to lead me in all my ways

  52. Johnson says:

    I want God to lead me through my ways in life

  53. Rudolph Zororo says:

    I pray for my marriage to work my husband seems so distant,he cheats on me all the times.pliz I really need help I’m dying inside ,i don’t feel loved at all ,when I caught him he doesn’t care he shouts and even beat me

  54. Esther goodnew says:

    I pray that GOD give me more wisdom and bless my family with money and long life and make me and my family happy

  55. Igwe chinecherem says:

    I want God to help me in this world so that I will not made mistake in life please pray me Sir

  56. Anonymous says:

    I want God to help me in this world so that I will not made mistake in life please pray me Sir

  57. Hauwa says:

    I want prayer for healing and God to sterength my faith in him

  58. Innocent t says:

    hey am inno any one who can help!

  59. innocent says:

    me same times I wonder if I can be any thing in this world coz same times when i look into my Future I see nothing at all. so if same one can give me same advise that well be my best time ever. and same times if fill so lonely I dont know why is it becoz i dont have friends

  60. Moses Isaac says:

    I’ve been sick for 7 years now and still…. Lord Jesus Christ let Your be down, please have mercy on me and heal us????

  61. Moses says:

    I’ve been ill for 7 years , God knows my problem and He also knows the solutions. All I need is His grace, mercy and forgive. Lord Jesus Christ please heal me descendant of Isaac

  62. CHARLES ZAMBIA says:

    plz may u pray 4me 4 de problemz whch i hve

  63. Lucky innocent says:

    Sir please I need you pray for mom. She has being have this leg pain after she came from her mother burial. We have bought many drug with nothing to show for.

  64. Moses grace isha says:

    More grace so/ ma,I always see daddy in my dream anytime I play tongues of fire before sleeping.what could that mean,though,I v once been in glory dome,n he assure me that I will walk in my leg soon.

  65. umeh blessing Amadi says:

    Good morning Sir/ma.please i need ur help, my kid brother is sick and we have been to many hospital but yet his not getting well. But today something happen so i remember Evangelis Uche umeh.when he came to abuja 9years ago. Please Sir help my brother in prayer please i know that God hears your voice sir.help us Sir.

  66. John Bulus says:

    Please sir/ma I seriously want your prayers, my kid sister she’s very sick to the extent we when to many hospitals but still couldn’t got help so please I solicit for kind gesture to join us in prayers hoping the good Lord will delivered her from that sickness… And also a prayer point for me to successful in my academic career….. Thank you sir

  67. Chukwu ebuka says:

    I need daretion because have been praying for God to show me my purpose

  68. Blessing okafor says:

    Sir plz i seriously need ur prayers in my dad’s life.his uncle is after him coz of land.his uncle has make him to stop working or move his body plz sir pray for him.my dad’s name is bethel okafor sir plz.

  69. Blessing. says:

    Sir plz i seriously need ur prayers in my dad’s life.his uncle is after him coz of land.his uncle has make him to stop working or move his body plz sir pray for him.my dad’s name is bethel okafor sir plz.

  70. Amarachi says:

    Sir pray for me. I serious disunderstand in my relationship . please I need you pray. Thank you

  71. Jeffrey says:

    Good morning sir, please can you pray for my dad that every chain of delay, failure, struggle and poverty should be destroy in his life and every convant he might have enter knowingly or unknowingly should be destroy. Finally i will be going for an interview and i need God blessings to succeed. Thank you and God bless.

  72. Jeffrey says:

    Good morning sir, please can you pray for my dad that every chain of delay, failure, struggle and poverty should be destroy in his life and every convant he might have enter knowingly or unknowingly should be destroy. Finally i will be going for an interview and i need God blessings to succeed. Thank you and God bless

  73. phares Chakale says:

    Only two physical and spiritual support

  74. Maryjane says:

    I am a student… I pray God’s Mercy, His Grace and Intervention in all I do…. Especially in my results, for God to turn things around in my favour, and make the impossible to be possible…. I pray in Jesus Name Amen

  75. Bawo says:

    I,m a barber and a artist looking for money to have my own business plac e

  76. Anonymous says:

    I need your prayer , someone planted a cham (ado) near my seat at the staff room of my school. Pray for me and my family for divine protection

  77. Anonymous says:

    I need prayers for some challenges I am passing through, a clearity of vision and a divine break through

  78. Ndong Jecenta says:

    I really do need prayers for delivering I am giving up I don’t have the strength any more lord help me 09034215250

  79. Blessing ekediukwu says:

    I really need prayer to be strong on what I’m passing through in life,and also for my two children.

  80. My name is abimiku lucky says:

    Please pray for me 08164265446

  81. Anonymous says:

    I am worried

  82. Sis dupe says:

    My sister she in labour now, please help me to pray that God should deliver her save both the mother and child,that no evil will happen to her and the baby thank you sir/ma

  83. Aniedi inyang udo says:

    Pls pray for me.i want to build house so i want GOD to Make away. And also pray for me to be free from spiritual wife.

  84. I'm Alexander Ben i need your prayers pls 08038193116 says:

    I need prayers pls.,08038193116

  85. Alexander Benedict says:

    I need prayers cause i don’t understand my life,,and am sick have been struggling with high blood pleasure..and other health challenges,,i need deliverance,,

  86. Adelakun Matthew says:

    Am a sinner but have begged God for forgiveness what can I do so that my faith in God will not fail again.

  87. Anonymous says:

    I’m sick

  88. Fistosoft250 says:

    My chanbel is fisto soft

  89. Fistosoft says:

    Are super star my chanel is fisto soft

  90. Anonymous says:

    Are super star my name is fistosoft

  91. Thankgod wuyah says:

    My prayer request is,i should pass my jamb & waec 2022

  92. Okpe Samuel says:

    Hi pls my name is Samuel I have a spirit of stealing from my parents all the time and I don’t like the habbit i want Jesus in my life i need ur prayer this is my number 08100890898

  93. Tochi says:

    Good day
    Please join me in prayer that God my heal me from pile. And also that he may release his anointing on me.

  94. MOSES BAMAIYI says:


  95. Anonymous says:

    I need someone to talk to and am not on watsup or any my numbers are +256752878262 +256788950488

  96. Hillary says:

    Am sick & need ur wonderful prayers. I ve hope to recover

  97. Abura Hillary says:

    Please, i am a student and always serving the lord in both church and at school. I have hope to complete studies and need prayers. I know there is power in prayers and the name Jesus. GOD Bless u all

  98. Chidimma says:

    Please help me pray for the fruit of the womb and also a lasting marriage and also open doors for my husband please

  99. Priscilla says:

    Morning house please I need God to open doors of blessing and favour for me and my fiance for our marriage to be done. You people should pray for me

  100. Anonymous says:

    I need your prayers to get me out of humanizer
    Pls pray for me sir ,I have been living a life that I don’t like pls pray for me

  101. mercysunday12344@gmail.com says:

    I ask for forgiveness of my sins, and for God to touch me so that I can worship and praise him,I also ask and pray for God to attack my attackcals and make impossible things to be possible for me in Jesus name amen

  102. Hilary Williams says:

    Please am really need of prayers,my wife to be is seriously having leg pains and the leg has started swelling up, this is just 3 weeks to our wedding. Please i need prayers against any attack and for a successful marriage.
    Thank you.

  103. Nma says:

    Good morning! Pls join me to pray for my friend chibuzor Valentine for God’s intervention, his business has not been moving well that God would deliver him from anything that is not from heaven. Amen

  104. STEPHEN FELIX says:

    Good afternoon my good teachers, please i need ur help iam into a relationship with a lady her name is Lydia Ishaya, i so much love her very well bt i don’t really know what is happening with her, she doesn’t tell me the true, always lying to me and this is 4years now being together and we are planing 4 marriage next years by GOD grace bt i can’t understand her now, what most i do?

  105. Faith mubambe says:

    Please pray for me nothing is moving forward in my life and pray for me to have a job please

  106. Gideon says:

    Jesus is coming soon

  107. Anonymous says:

    Lets be ready for the rapture

    JESUS is coming soon

  108. tisope chiumia says:

    Help Praying for my daughter , she was born with brain damage hence she cant sit not walk, her name is Lindiwe Chiumia

  109. Anonymous says:

    Praise God pray for me please to be like other women me my step mom attacked me

  110. Wel Francic says:

    like to praise God, guys i need your prayers so i can sing to God

  111. Wel Francic says:

    I need your prayers brothers and sister so that i can get well

  112. John says:

    Please I need your prayers concerning my Job. That the LORD GOD should deliver me from unnecessary debt that wanted to be imposed on me by my boss that may want to lead me to serving him. I have no evidence against him except God on high. Help me pray that the Lord should deliver and fight for me and give me victory by his Mercy in Jesus name.

  113. Anonymous says:

    i was operated last mounth in the hospital..and the place is give out some water i want god to heal me. i will be writing exams

  114. Michealzjunior says:

    I have ulcer so I am praying for God intervention, and also I applied for this nigeria defence academy, I am praying to be part of the final list for 73rc, with great faith I say Amen

  115. Josephine Asuquo says:

    Hi I thank God for love and mercies that is always sufficient.i am from Nigeria,I need prayer for financial breakthrogh and for me to enjoy and have peace in my home and marriage.

  116. Blessing says:

    I’m grateful to you all,you’re doing a good job…..

  117. EcV says:

    I need a book on health issues. Please reach out to me as soon as possible.

  118. EcV says:

    I need a book on health issues. Please reach out to me as soon as possible. 08037710523

  119. Ayemi Japhet Adogo says:

    Am Japhet Ayemi Adogo I need ur prayers I applied for Nigeria Air Force as the Lord will do his well let me be among the successful one this year Amen ??

  120. Anonymous says:

    I need ur prayers, in the aspect of job I applied for Nigeria Army and this is 8year that I have been trying, as God will makes away since there’s no way this year, thanks u for ur prayers support

  121. Kelvin says:

    Hi I’m a footballer I resides in Lagos Nigeria, I need prayers and help of God to achieve and make my football career come true I’ve been playing football for many years now since I was small but I’ve not signed any team or even been in a good academy club side I’ve been going for trails but none is going well at all.

  122. Jane says:

    Am jannel vasquez from Belize am having some money problems,my number is +5016676031.need prayers for my dad,

  123. Jane says:

    Hi am Jane having some income problem am jannel vasquez from Belize my number is +5016676031 need some help,am the eldest of sisters,also need prayer for my dad because he is sick with his prostate,I would apriciate any help,God bless every one

  124. Oso Dipamo James says:

    I am a student and am having issues with my result, I pray God turns everything around in my favor in Jesus name amen

  125. Sahr Benediction Ngaima says:

    May God continue to bless this man of God, and may he enter heaven in Jesus. Amen!

  126. Phindiwe says:

    In the name of mighty Lord I’m praying in everything I want to be in control come true….I’m still student I’m praying for my family to receive peace ….family come together again

  127. Anonymous says:

    I luv this song it touches my heart

  128. Favoured says:

    The grace of GOD is sufficient for your ministry

  129. Anonymous says:


  130. Esther idara says:

    It really nice

  131. Anonymous says:


  132. ado yakubu (daniel) says:

    please i’m born again pray for me and my family, becuse i’m under spiritual attack, i am sick i need deliverer and healing please pray for me, thanks

  133. Anonymous says:

    Pls pray for me and family that God should deliver us from Marine Spirit and spiritul attack at night

  134. Anonymous says:

    Lord fill us with your spirit and wisdom

  135. Anonymous says:

    Pray for me for God to give me enablement to pay my children school fees

  136. Anonymous says:

    May God bless your songs

  137. John opio says:

    The work that your doing is good not for man but for God.

  138. Doyin says:

    I want GOD to sanctify my heart and revive with The Holy Ghost Fire and The Blood of JESUS Christ
    Give me the spirit to discern and fill me with the Holy Spirit again
    And restore me Spiritually , Physically , Socially , Mentally and Academically
    Not lose Focus and Concentration on the important things of my life at the stage of my life
    To build me up spiritually and to be free from spiritual defilement in the name of JESUS . Amen
    Am a College student (SS3)

  139. Anonymous says:


  140. ISAAC TAWIAH says:

    Please i want door to open for to join my requitment service and moor blessing

  141. Anonymous says:


  142. Anna says:

    Praise God Church helluluya prayer request promotion to another level.stebble married.good health to my family people

  143. Claire says:

    Praise God, please kindly pray for me I have a terrible sickness that failed to be healed, am in much pain

  144. Nambundunga eliaser says:

    i want to request for a prayer i have an incurable disease i am a very sick i always feel sick every time i lie down and whenever i do a heavy job..

  145. Emeka Precious Akunna says:

    Pray for me for open door, breakthrough, may God brings customer for me and bring sign and wonder in my family

  146. Anonymous says:

    I love worship songs please i need your prayer

  147. Dorcas Micheal says:

    I need prayer for my family

  148. Precious says:

    Good morning, pls i need your prayers, i want God to connect me to my helpers, i need God’s blessings financially, maritally and materially. I want God’s light to shine upon me and my family, pls i need help.

  149. Saviour michael asuquo says:

    Please I need you to pray for me concerning my life and the life of my family, God should bless us financially

  150. Blessed says:

    This is an amazing job…God bless you

  151. Anonymous says:

    This is an amazing job…God bless you

  152. Esther Harrison says:

    I want the righteous of God to prevail in all ramification and Family… Please help me pray.

  153. Leonard says:

    Please i need serious prayers in my life against having sex in my dreams and also demonic spider cobwebs blocking my ways physically. Is really affecting my life, nothing goes well for me.

  154. Maman Jacob says:

    I need a prayers in my life, forgiveness for my sins and my family

  155. Anonymous says:

    I need a man of god to speak to my condition

  156. Ezekiel says:

    Please help me I’m backsliding and its affecting my life and my career…. I need the fullness of the Holy spirit?

  157. Anonymous says:

    I need prayers, I have been batting some serious infections for years, I have gone to hospitals but no medication seems to be working, I need the hands of God to touch me and I know I will be healed.

  158. Nwakanma precious says:

    Am sick

  159. Anonymous says:

    Help me pray that whatever is blocking and covering the ears and mouth of my child of one year and seven months not to respond to sound or talk let it be consum by fire

  160. Godwin says:

    I need prayers in my life nothing is moving forward and just stock in one place and I believe God can do it for me

  161. Paul victor says:

    I need the man of God to just say a word on me.

  162. Anonymous says:

    Marital settlement before the end of the year, Divine healing upon my Mom and Sister, job opportunities for my siblings, financial settlement for my family, Restoration of all that was lost and to serve God more all the days of my life

  163. Anonymous says:

    seriously sick

  164. Lawrence says:

    I’m backsliding

  165. Anonymous says:

    Please sir I need a job

  166. Olateju emmanuel says:

    Help oh lord in ever situation am am passing
    through lord let me help me too pray that I don’t want fack life and where I am lord God should direct me too my destination because am fed up my lost glory lord oh God should return it back too me amen

  167. Anonymous says:

    I need prayers in my academy studies,also i need prayers bcos am a gambler,i use to masturbate,normally have sex in the dreams

  168. Peter says:

    My name is peter,i needs prayers to stop gambling,and having sex in the dream,and masturbation.pls pray for me i need prayers

  169. Gabriel Emilia says:

    Afternoon man of God. Please pray for me i have been suffering from a spiritual husband. And nothing goes well in my life. I think im under aspell please do something ????????

  170. Bright says:

    Praise the lord, i want you to help me fight the spirit of lust that has grown in my life in the last two weeks. Please i need your help because it is almost ruining my life. God bless you

  171. Isaac says:

    Hello pastor my mother has Hiv/Aids and the Bible says with God nothing is impossible so pastor I am kindly asking you to please pray for my mother pastor for I believe your prayer will maker a difference in my mother’s life may God bless you

  172. Brenda says:

    Praying for a break threw ,my family , my husband, my marriage and better health for my children praise God.

  173. Anonymous says:

    Praying for a break threw ,my family , my husband, my marriage and better health for my children praise God.

  174. Anonymous says:

    Thank God for all my blessing I need praying for my husband to be delivered from drugs and alcohol he left home 3 weeks ago no one knows where he is.

  175. Jemimah says:

    Praise God.
    I would like you to join me as we pray for the entire world in this period mostly the countries where the churches are still closed.
    Help me to pray for my family. My friends. all people in the world and for God’s favour and grace upon me .
    thank you

  176. Anonymous says:

    Pls help me in prayer that God should drag me back to him with and restore spirituality and hilliness into my life and to work for and with him.
    2) God should open door of financial blessings over my life and my family
    3) concerning my profession as an Architect the Lord God should direct a destiny’s helper client to me that will give me financial breakthrough in life
    4) God should talk over my marital life, protect me and my fiancee and provide for us to do the right thing on time .
    5) God should protect me, my mom ,my siblings ,my family’s my friend ,my well wishers ,my LG ,my state ,my country and the entire world.

    Finally , at the end of everything on Earth, either the trumpet sounds or rapture comes, I will not miss heaven …
    God should show me mercy and Grace to sing hallelujah with the saints in heaven .

  177. Cynthia says:

    Praise the Lord I need prays for my studies

  178. Anonymous says:

    I need the help of God in my family’s financial issue, and also grace to stay align with the purpose of God in my life

  179. Anonymous says:

    Please i need u to pray for me that God should show me mercy and blessing me with wisdow, and understand that he should blessing with all heart desire PLEASE!

  180. Anonymous says:

    Please I Need Prayers. I’m trying hard To Get Close To God But I Always Fall Back, I Really Love To Be Close To God. Please Pray For me That The Holy Spirit Should Come An Lead Me Through That God Should Show Me Mercy And Save My Soul. Open doors of jobs, that God should lay his hands on me,

  181. Anonymous says:

    Pls,I need your prayer not to go back to sin, pls and pls,I need the grace of GOD in my life.thanks in anticipation

  182. Smith says:


  183. Anonymous says:

    Lord i need settlement Martel before December 25 and also settled my family fincaly pray for unit in our mix

  184. Gentle patrick says:

    I dont now were to start my talk but,god is the only one that knows it all,he knows my story,and he knows my needs,i pray that he will see me and others like me through in jesus name.amen

  185. Emmanuel says:

    Please I need a prayer, am a sinner. Help me in prayer that God should forgive all my sins , God please have mercy on me

  186. Anonymous says:

    Praise God for the opportunity … God will continue to help, support, guild this your ministry in Jesus name..

  187. Precious Danlami says:

    I need prayer,i want to come close to God and i have a baby i want God to keep that child for me and i apply for empower,i want my name to be seleted so that i can be able to help my family and able to take care of my child and lastly the father of my child to always rember me and his child and do the neccessary things.

  188. Njua Vincent says:

    Please I Need Prayers. Am Trying Hard To Get Close To God But I Always Fall Back, I Really Love To Be Close To God. Please Pray For me That The Holy Spirit Should Come An Lead Me Through That God Should Show Me Mercy And Save My Soul

  189. Anonymous says:

    pray for me I lost a job due to covid 19 effect so I need a prayer to get a job amen

  190. Angel says:

    I need prayer to get married

  191. Linus says:

    I need your pràyers to go closer to and stop commiting one everyday.
    I want to start relationship with God, how do i start

  192. Hope Osas says:

    Pls help me in prayers. I want God to deliver from immorality and sexual addiction. I want to draw closer to God and as well I want to make heaven at the end of life.

  193. dide says:


  194. dide says:

    l need paryer

  195. dide says:

    l help l am a class again

  196. Prince says:

    Please, PRAY for me so that i can genuinely serve GOD for the rest of my life on earth.
    Thank you.

  197. Godfirst says:

    God healed me of HIV virus , after sending prayer request to Joan hunters, and ended up reading Don’t limit God by Charles and Frances hunters, the disease was lifted from me, God made me a whole man again, he restored my life by faith, there’s nothing impossible with God

  198. Great chukwuka says:

    I want to stop masturbating

  199. Anonymous says:

    I need prayer to get a job

  200. Anonymous says:

    I have committed fornication and it has make God to take his power from me please help me

  201. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me for divine healing and wholeness.

  202. Anonymous says:

    i nid prayers ,i want God to restore trust ,love ,unity and peace in my marriage

  203. Oluchi says:

    Please I need prayer there is something disturbing my heart that it really making me weak all the time when it start then I will fall on the ground and any exam I take I don’t really do well in it

  204. Anonymous says:

    I want to be xion singer

  205. Vianney says:

    I need prayer please

  206. Anonymous says:

    l need prayer

  207. Theresa says:

    I sought God in prayer and fasting and knowledge. I am praying for a spiritual encounter from the spirit of God that will totally change my life because sometimes I feel like I am backsliding. I love Praise Zion God bless you.

  208. Anonymous says:

    The Lord is good there no one better than Him He did so many things for me He is the best

  209. Simeon adamu says:

    Good day everyone my name is Simeon from Nigeria a student of lagos state university in nigeria studying mass communication, please I need a help financial (assistance) with my education, have been pushing up for sometimes now, its really weary for me i need too pay my fees and all please here is my contact:099037627838

  210. Anonymous says:

    I need prayer in my spiritual and physical life I want God to be set free from every chains of bondage and every demonic spiritual husband that is causing backwardness and whoever wants to help me always end up being broke I need prayer please help me out thank you and God bless you all

  211. Grace imoh Michael says:

    I need prayer I made an oat before I left Nigeria that when i come to dubai whatever my boss tell me is what I will do i failed to abide to the oat because it was a prostitute job she was into so i ran away from her house to get a better job now am working as a househelp and I having spiritual attack and body scratch anytime I take my bath and also having bad dreams everyday

  212. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me…Anyone that wants to help me always find setbacks as soon as they started helping me to the extent that my inlaw asked hes son to back out the relationship with me cos am causing setbacks for him…Please I need help …

  213. Landford Nyirenda says:

    Praise the Lord, My is Landford Nyirenda. I would like to give a testimony, I have been trying hard to change my ways but I always fail, please I need advice to reflect my life into a new direction

  214. Isaac says:

    Please am academically down and so I need prayers. I’m also poses that’s what I feel so pray for me brethren

  215. Jones Pere says:

    Please pray for me for the grace of God to serve God with all my mind all my soul and with all my heart, I love to pray yet my prayer life is diminishing I want to win souls for God and abstain from sin

  216. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little tensed about an exam coming up. I need God’s assurance that He’s got my back.
    Sometimes I don’t even know what’s going on. I just need Jesus to assure me He’s still able.

  217. Anonymous says:

    I need your prayers seriously, I started a business which was going on well all of the sudden things have collapsed , borrowed too rise it up and it still collapsed again , now my bones hangs on my skin because of dept , please remember in prayer for God to raise Me up again
    Am nangzee Frank from Ghana


  218. Anonymous says:

    Inpsiration of song make glory unto the lord

  219. Godwin Samuel says:

    This Days I Find It Hard Going To Church Please Pray 4me.

  220. Anonymous says:

    May the almighty GOD Provides u with all what ur hearts require And desire ,delights ur HEART To HIM,LET’S EXPAND HIS MINISTRY IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  221. Anonymous says:

    I find it hard to study. I need help pls. I need all concentration in my book work. I love my GOD ALMIGHTY Yet i cn’t abide by his words. I always against him pls pray for me.

  222. Shasino Rengma says:

    Hello Praisezion team members,happy new year all the way from India anyway please pray for for my future.
    I have dilemma so I need more prayer so please pray for that and for my family too.
    Thank u.

  223. Anonymous says:

    I really need prayers I’ve been Applying for jobs but nothing seems to happen I’m facing financial problems and what stressing the most are the calls I’m getting from debt counselor and that affects my relationship as well I do…bring me near God?

  224. Wilson says:

    I want to live a godly life but I am finding it hard to concentrate on the things of the Lord, please I need prayers and counselling

  225. Sowemimo Ibukun says:

    Dear Admin….
    Pls I need you to surpport me in prayers…
    That I should be more closer to God, and That God will perfect ever prophesy he has concerning fulfilling my destiny….
    Finally, the spirit to hear from him at all this should be with me…
    Best regards

  226. Dafuas says:

    I dont know what come over me now! this days i dont like going to church. pls i need serious prayer

  227. Marvin C. Katufwa - Zambia says:

    I’d like God to restore my whole life, bring happiness in the midst of my family and relationship. He also sees me through because i have financial constrains academically and socially. Praise be to God

  228. Victor says:

    May God be with you as you are helping me in prayer, I need go to university now I have no support for school fees may you helping me in prayer, God to give me more knowledge to find it and his son be with me always

  229. Anonymous says:

    May God be with you as you are helping me in prayer. I need to go to university now i have no support for school fees helping me in prayer, God to give me more knowledge to find it and may his son be with me always

  230. Rachael Abili says:

    Please pray for employment to locate my family and a good man to marry

  231. Davies Nyamukayi says:

    me i need help and support to enter university please am poor i can’t afford to pay money, but i know and believe that God will answer my prayer in Jesus name.am from zambia,kalulushi

  232. Vivian says:

    Please pray for my relationship that any problem we are facing should cease and let Gods will be done in our lives, he should open the eyes of my heart to help me make the right choices.. Amen

  233. Anonymous says:

    I want to thank God for so many things but especially for this 2019,my God has been faithful and for my daddy successful operation…

  234. David says:

    Happy to share this testimony, I graduated last year with a second class upper, it was a very difficult journey but good was there for me, when studying and understanding was difficult God came through for me, there are times I even see my books in the exam hall, is that not a miracle?? I finished service this year also., Thanking God for his love, support and protection over my life in the course of this service year.. PRAISE GOD!!!!!! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH. With faith I know I’ll get a job soon????

  235. Anonymous says:

    Hi ..I need ur prayers for acceptance in college

  236. Anonymous says:

    Greetings All in Jesus name!
    please brethrens pray for me I need academic, career and financial breakthrough

  237. Rapheal says:

    Please I need prayers to be admitted into the university of my choice.

  238. Anonymous says:

    Please pray for me, I need God’s help with my academics


    Good morning all. I need serious prayer for God’s direction. Everything in my life seems to be stagnant, nothing is moving. Am heading for a crash, but I remembered we have a God. Please good people of God, pray to God on my behalf to show me the way and as you do this, may God almighty visit us with our needs in JESUS name, AMEN.

  240. Anonymous says:

    pray for me i want to grow spiritually strong in God .. and to be a prayer?

  241. Anonymous says:

    Hai I’m seriously in need of prayers cos I find out that I kip doing wat is not right.

  242. Glory says:

    Good Afternoon all am new here

  243. Anonymous says:

    I want to be closer to God and I also want God to restore my relationship

  244. MARY J.C. says:

    I need prayers for my life and family,for GOD protection over my life,nothing is working for me.i have been working as a nanny,house help for so long,no good payment am just 22 years.i need a job right now,and i want GOD to bless me through that work.AMEN.

  245. Mbimhu Bruno says:

    Please I need prayers against limitations. Let God fill my mouth with words to worship him

  246. Anonymous says:

    Humbly need your support in prayers ,,had submitted my CV am still waiting for the interview. God’s time is the best

  247. Anonymous says:

    i need your prayers
    am sick,and the sickness
    seems like it is the work of
    pray for me
    i need God
    as you pray for
    the Lord will continue to bless you
    and keep you safe from every evil
    through Christ our Lord Amen

  248. Anonymous says:

    My life is a mess please pray for me to have job, peace and big happy family.

  249. Anonymous says:

    I have battling with masturbation I have been fasting and pray but’ll couldn’t avail please I need a prayer I know that your prayers are powerful will settle me free may God continue to strengthen you people in Jesus mighty name Amen ????

  250. Selikem Bansah says:

    Please pray for my relationship for God’s will to be done, every problem it’s facing should cease and that the peace of Lord reign.
    Please also pray for my mother’s that God should take all her debts away and should bless her with a house of her own. Amen

  251. Prince mkansi says:

    I am humbling my self and ask for prayers in to my life ,every time when I start my things everything is tourning apart I DNT know what’s going on with my life sometimes I even think of comithe suicide but I thank God i was trying to download gospel song then I come across this web. Then I leave my comment here amen

  252. Anonymous says:

    please, I need prayers, I have a problem of near success syndrome, I’m sad and tired of life nothing seem to be working… no man even want serious relationship with me….

  253. debby says:

    please, I need prayers, I have a problem of near success syndrome, I’m sad and tired of life nothing seem to be working… no man even want serious relationship with me….

  254. Anonymous says:

    I have spirit wife i heard fast and prayed several time please join me pray. I’m from ese odo LGA Ondo State nou,am worshipping at Baptist.

  255. Anonymous says:

    Plz Things In My Life Ar Not Moving Well We Ar Just Finishing Schools And We Ar Jst Home No Going To College Or Univesity Or Jst Simple Job Nothng 5 years Nw
    I And My Family Needs Strong Prayers

  256. Bitrus dachollom says:

    My dad is in sroke problem pls we need a strong prayer over him

  257. Anonymous says:

    Pls pray for me over my life things are not moving well around me

  258. Anonymous says:

    Please I need your prayers for my mother she has sick for 16years without working but I know that God will do something and on my school and I want to be a good sevant of God to stay in his way. With God all things are possible distance is not a problem to God

  259. Anonymous says:

    Please I need your prayers for my mother she has sick for 16years without working please I know that God will do something and on my school. Distance is not a problem to God

  260. madalitso benjamin says:

    hi, i am madalitso Benjamin from Malawi i want your prayer. i have been facing many attacks in my life since the day when God started blessing me in my life. when i got money sometimes i spent it on the useless thing … use my email: benjaminmadalitso@gmail.com

  261. David Ssansa says:

    Praisezion I do really love you. I need to pray for me for my academics, I need to join my University in Canada pray that may the hand of the living God draw me closer to my sponsor to support me. God bless you so much. You can contact me on +256701016291/+256773732481.

  262. Anonymous says:

    please I need prayers for my family especially my two brothers one is a drukard and the other one has stopped schooling doing nothing he doesn’t even want anyone to mention school to him,I know this is spritual but with God all things are possible.as for me I need a husband from God,I know God will do it in Jesus mighty name amen.

  263. patient says:

    pray for me,i want God to heal me from ear problem

  264. Am moureen says:

    Please pray for me thngs ar nt movng in my life since the day i was born til now

  265. Anonymous says:

    if GOD is for us who can be against us…

  266. Margaret F says:

    God should bring back what He had started in my life to a perfect achievement in reality. In Jesus most precious name, amen

  267. Joy Ene Joseph says:

    Pls I want you to pray for me I want to stop masturbating I tried so many times all to no avail I want to be close to God,very close to him and I need your help.pls help me

  268. Joy Ene Joseph says:

    Please help my academy life, I want to go and study in China .I want God to touch somebody so that they will sponsor me in Jesus Name.Amen

  269. Bright Kajiko says:

    I really love Praise Zion songs, they touch my heart and drow me closer and closer to God. I want you to pray for me, I am in Grade 12 and soon I will be writing my exams, but I have found myself in sickness without knowing where it has come from. It is affecting me physically and mentally, including in my studies such that whenever I try to study, I’m failing due to pains. I have a problem of continous Headache and Stomach pains. Therefore, I want you people of God to help me pray to God so that He will heal me, I believe and I have faith that I will be healed only in the name of Jesus Christ. Please help me, I am in trouble. I live in Zambia. God bless you all. Thank you!

  270. Princewill Ukandu says:

    Please I need help in my spiritual life, and my family.

  271. stephen says:

    i need prayers plz help
    i av mece up.
    in christ is were i can peace

  272. Anonymous says:

    I need prayers for my marriage challenges

  273. Chukwunonyelu Kenechukwu says:

    Hello… Greetings.
    please I need counselling on how to keep holding on Christ, times has been bad and I’m believe in God in breaking this chain of anxiety disorder in my life.
    I’m joining my faith with yours that heavenly armies will raise up to fight me out of this bondages. And may God bless me in all Round of life. Amen!
    My number ***********
    Thanks for this platform.
    God grant you more wisdom… Amen

  274. Diala promise says:

    I need prayer over my life and family, we received a revelation that another member of our family is going to die before 28 of June 2019 before the burial of my late mom…but before this revelation I have been receiving series of spiritual attacks at night n day time….I’m scared right now becos I’m just 26 of age…not ready to go down six feet…
    Please I need prayer

  275. makunya diana says:

    l want to join you on God’s work

  276. MOSES mwambafya says:

    please pray for me i need connection to people whom GOD has blessed spiritually,to activet me in the kingdom of GOD,I WANT TO BE SERVENT OF GOD,PRAY ALSO FOR MY FAMILY PROTECTION,( MOSES MWAMBAFYA)0961343366

  277. Gabriel Ayomide says:

    Pls I need your prayer against the spirit of thief and covetousness in my life because it has ruined my life in fact my hope of going to higher institution has almost been tarnished as I am now am owing almost 100k and i can’t account for a dime please sir join me in prayer please sir

  278. EKE says:

    I have been battling with H.I.V for a year now. i need prayers(help). i belief in prayers alot.

  279. KISAKYE ISAAC says:

    Praise the Lord, thank you for your love.
    please i need maybe another whatspp group on this page can i get the group from here please: +256700385114. thank you

  280. Eyakeno Joseph says:

    Pls I want you to pray for right partner for me there is a man that want to marry me I don’t know if he is my right man pls help me to pray. God bless u as u do that

  281. My name is obinna frank ani says:

    I want u guy to help me in prayer I want to relocate to another place but I don’t want to make mistake please help me in prayer for direction

  282. value says:

    Pray For me because i dont hve ajob ryt now

  283. Anonymous says:

    Please I need prayer for my family I was doing business but now I am nothing me and my husband has been going through set back and near success syndrome. I have two kids and have been unable to conceive for close to 9yrs.

  284. Ohunayo Ebini says:

    Pray 4 Me To Let Me Have Admission

  285. value says:

    Please Pray For Me So That God Can Intervine In My Life So That I Find A Job Nd I Completely Stop Masturbating Want To Draw Closer To Him

  286. Emmanuel....mordi says:

    Please brothers and sisters help me to pray that any power from my father side or morther side that are distubin me not to achive my goals in life shloud die by fire in the might name of jesus ,,,and my family things are not going well i dont now what the couse is but god almight should secarter there panes agaienst my family let doors of favour open for me and my family i emmanuel and my family will brig back praise to him alone desave our praise ,,,AMEN AMEN AMEN THANK YOU ALL GOD BLESS YOU ALL THANKS …..

  287. Paul says:

    I want the children of God should pray for me that all destiny changer in the family or in place of work or in my fathers house mothers home o lord fire them in Jesus name. Help me pray that power of sin I overcome you in Jesus name and every evil friends planing against my life o lord let them die in Jesus name amen

  288. James Ukpai says:

    Pray for God to heal me from disability and also help me to stop masturbation and guide me from every evil plans of the devil, and draw me closer to his presence..

  289. Elijah says:

    I Need Serious Prayers to Stop Masturbation and also the Grace to draw more closer to God

  290. Chinaza says:

    Please I need your prayer
    Especially in my family
    Things are not going the it suppose to, no help, no financial break through, promise and fail, no peace of mind,my senior sisters no body have ask the hand in marriage
    Also in my life am always seeing myself doing well in my academic when am in secondary school but I will am seeing my see as a failure which affect me seriously in this my exam
    Whenever I want to read I feel tired and when am reading am getting confuse which I know I have not experience since my life
    Please I need ur prayers as you do this let God continue to bless u in Jesus name Amen

  291. Cupson jude says:

    I need prayer for academic(shooolarship)

  292. Okorotie Felix perekeme says:

    I need prayer for academic and financial breakthrough.

  293. Jummai Yakubu says:

    I need ur prayers. Iam facing so many challenges in my relationship n also GOD should intaven in my situations. Thanks.

  294. John Williams says:

    I don’t love the life am living presently.. I want to be wash by the blood of Jesus.. Am a sinner, i don’t wanna share in my generational curse cos am a son of God, help me please

  295. this.value; says:

    Nongu T James

  296. Linus says:

    Pls I Need Prayer’s In My Life Becuase I am Passing Through different chanllecheges aload pls Pray 4 me 4 God to Intaven May God have mercy an here our Prayer

  297. Anonymous says:

    Good morning please I need counseling

  298. Sena says:

    Pls pray for me, I want God’s blessings in my career, and want God to give me my life partner

  299. Chioma says:

    Pls pray 4 me.

  300. Anonymous says:

    I need prayer

  301. this.value;EUNICE says:

    Pls i need your prayers,i want to stop masturbation and i want to be very close to GOD

  302. this.value; says:

    My name is Patience i want u to pray for that God will deliver me from sexual addiction & see me through my final yr in

  303. Martin says:

    challenges in my life as become beyond unholding. please pray for me. or share with me any idea. +254727965537 from Kenya. I think even to perish.

  304. martin says:

    pray for me. and teach me how to pray.

  305. martin says:

    I need your prayer. I have passed a lot that I am almost to give up in life. I see as if I have abandoned.

  306. Dennis says:

    i need your prayer

  307. Ose says:

    Prayer for total healing and Gods continous cover , for affliction shall never rise a second time . Also for liberation for my family and granting our heart desires. While Thanking God for all he has done and he is yet to do.?

  308. Monday says:

    Please help me pray so that God should touch the heart of jamb officials to release my admission letter.

  309. Hosea says:

    Am writing my final year exam i need prayer.

  310. Daniel says:

    Need a prayer lam a student ,God help me to pass my examinations well, also recover the issue of sc fees, .Also pray for my family

  311. value says:

    Help me in prayers,i want God to direct me a right man.

  312. Stephen says:

    I need you’re prayer, remember me !!!

  313. ESTHER EWARA says:

    Pray for me to be free from the captive of spiritual husband.

  314. John hope says:

    I what to write my exam i need prayer

  315. irene says:

    I need your prayers I’m a born again but leaving in a boredom life ,no friends strest

  316. Priscilla says:

    Anytime i became born again i fall back again.because of the people and enviroment am in.please i need you people to pray for the holyghost to arrest my family so that they can know there is a living God.and they can leave this worldly live alone.GOD Bless

  317. Frank Cis says:

    Please cone use the chat ICON to start a session

  318. agness says:

    I have gone astray from my calling and from God because of what am going through in life now I don’t even have anyone to show me the right path please help me



  320. Gift says:

    Yes it is perfect but checkout on my matter ada

  321. Gift says:

    May your family be blessed Amen

  322. Valentine says:

    To overcome the spirit of fear in Jesus name. God help me out…

  323. Anonymous says:

    pray for my family more especially my children Abigael in class six that God will favor her and open her eyes to understand.Alpha my son may he gain favor before the eyes of men and fear God. Lilian in form 4 may God speak in her grade… Thank you.

  324. Valentine says:

    My prayers are fear not to be my portion and God to open heavens for me financially.. Thank. God bless you all.

  325. Dom says:

    i need counselling i’have been mastabating

  326. Igwe Chukwuemeka says:

    I need a prayer for my family

  327. mukisa silvest says:

    I thank God for caring for me in my life I never
    Thought that I would also say some thing to the holy spirit and the things gets done for sure am so glad the to be a born again
    Now days I don’t fear anything wen I hve God, Jesus ,holy spirit and the blood of Jesus am blessed Jesus knows my name
    God bless u all
    Anyway am from Uganda I pray in Mutundwe Christian fellowship


    I ALSO LIKE AN LOVE WORSHIP SONG AM Tryin to shut out my own but it seems to be difficult to my me have taken one to the studio but please you guys should.09032627830 is my number

  329. Olive says:

    I Wish ,i Could Come There,with God Things Are Possible

  330. Obadiah David says:

    May the lord god bless you with more song to encorage us i like worship

  331. Anonymous says:

    Love you music they.bring me near to God

  332. EMELIA ADDY says:


  333. vayola says:

    I like praise and worship it builds me•thanks for your songs and everything its really encouraging me

  334. Ausaloka says:

    Your songs bless me a lot

  335. Bombilo says:

    Mathew Good morning, God can use you for his glory only if you avail yourself to him.
    all you need to do is to invite the presence of the holy spirit through prayers to guide you through the whole process; and don’t forget to put God first in all your deeds, and i promise you that your life will be a testimony to the glory of God. do have a wonderful encounter with the Holy spirit as the master of guidance.

  336. mathew Adebayo says:

    I love praise songs, so I need God to touch my life and use me for his glory

  337. OPOLOT SIMON says:


  338. Atuhiere tinah says:

    Wow,ilove praise,bcoz praise song is ze spiritual,gift 4rm jesus.

  339. Anonymous says:


  340. VIOLA says:

    Av lvd uo ministry

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