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Christian Bestman – Sabaoth

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Our God is a man of war, hence his children must not be afraid of battles but learn the art of war.
SABAOTH is a song that admonishes christians not to be afraid, of whatever the enemy is planning. It reminds the believer how that God delivered Israel from Egypt and how that by his word the storm stilled, and the red sea divided by the blast of his nostrils, what a mighty God we serve.

Christian Bestman is a Christian who’s heart beat is to bring men to love Jesus.

Lyrics Of Sabaoth By Christian Bestman

Amam onye mso onye mso
(I know the one I follow)
Onye mso n’azu Amam onye mso
(I know the one that leads me)
N’obu dike (2x)
(He is mighty)

call: Dike N’agha
(Mighty man of war)
Response: Obu dike N’agha (2x)
(He is mighty in battle)
Adighi abara Israel MBA Chi ha bu dike N’agha.
(No one challenges Israel, their God is mighty in battle)

Call: Okwuokwu
(When he speaks)
Response: Ebili mmiri ederee duu
(The storm stills)
Call: Okuo ume
(By the blast of his nostrils)
Response: Osimiri uhie ekewaa
(The read sea divided)
Call: Osetipuru akaya
(He stretched forth his hand)
Response: tie pharoah mmanwu,
Ogosiri Egypt n’obu dike N’agha.
(And dealt with pharoah, he showed Egypt that he is mighty in battle)

For I know the one I serve…
the one who I pledge allegiance to..
he is a mighty man of war!
kings tremble before him..
mountains melt like wax!
his train fille the temple…
He is King of Kings…
he has lost no battle! not even one!
so I care not what you are facing!
who art thou! oh great mountain before zerubabel
thou shall become plane!
for behold he comes! with the fire if judgement in his eyes..
he comes with healing in his wings!
oh the sun of righteousness arises with healing in his wings..
and thine enemies shall be burnt like stubbled!
arise oh mortal man! for your God lives!
and he comes! he comes through you.. for he fills your inside with himself!
troubling your belly he equips you with weapons…
fiery weapons! he has made you bold as a lion!
your roar will cause your enemies to tremble!
for he teaches your hands to war and my fingers to fight!

I know I know the one I’m waiting for
Let the mockers keep mocking
I know he comes
Let the scorners keep scorning
I know he comes
And this storm will be still
You shut the mouth of the lion
And the raging furnace

What has it been that troubled you for so long?
Your king cometh!
Ohh arise arise oh mortal man, wipe your tears
Your king cometh
Isetipuru David tie Goliath mmanwu
(You stretched forth David and dealt with Goliath)
Isetipuru Moses tie pharoah mmanwu
(You stretched forth Moses, and dealt with pharoah)
Isetipuru Jehu tie jezebel mmanwu
(You stretched forth Jehu and dealt with jezebel)
Be not afraid oh man,
He that be with you is stronger
Than what you think you fear
They that are with us are many
And he prayed oh God open thou his eyes that he may see the chariots of fire that are with us

You are Jehovah Sabaoth
You’re the king of kings
You’re the Lord of lord’s
Great and mighty is your name
There’s no battle that you’ve lost
There’s no problem that is bigger than you oo
Great and mighty God oo

The lion of the tribe of Judah
Rock of ages
Great and mighty
Lord most high
There’s no one like you

When you speak everything obeys
Your breath thunders and the red sea paths
Who can challenge your authority
Mighty man of war
Have you not heard that he is jealous over his own
He opens doors and no man closes
He closes doors and no man opens
He speaks and the storm stills
Nothing too hard for him
Fourth man in the fire

So tell your heart be still
The one that loves me is coming,
There’s no need to worry
The battle is already won.

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