Mary K & Mels King – Superman

Superman by Mary K & Merls KingThe song attempts to capture the infallibility of God’s power and his supreme authority of everything created in heaven, on earth, and beneath.

Mary Solomon Sarki known as Mary K is a spoken word artist, child evangelist, and content developer.
Facebook: mary Solomon Sarki
Instagram marysolomonking

Mels king is a contemporary Gospel Artiste with a soul uplifting message in his voice He has recorded like karbi Yabo and no limit..
Facebook: mels king
Inst: melsking711
Twitter: melsking2


You’re the true definition of a Superman
You’re the true definition of the flash
You are Good
You are Good..

Starwars, Batman
SciFi, karate
Hollywood is bankrupt of ideas to outsell you
They try to quantify the immeasurable
And expose the invaluable
Discontented effort to depict the indescribable
Are everything and one thing
The true definition
Of speed in ripple effects that resounds in electricity and my nerves
The school of thought of the heroes
The one that holds up the world in his hands and still moves in it
Whose breath beclouds the universe and folds up the seas
The head that wears the crown that no man ordained
The God that made other God’s with a drop of his power
He is without descent
No beginning of days nor end of years
No poisoned arrow from hades can weaken his power
He is not colour blind not pro phobic
He has no weakness nor duress
You are inexplicably GOD

The mystery of creation
And creature
The picturesque view of awesome
The clap of thunder
And author of bolts
The Sound of nothing in quietness
You are;
The cape
The Sceptre
The suit
The power…
Radar and radiance
You are everything and one thing
The true definition
Of what Holly wood can never define!!

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