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Oche Jonkings – I Run To You (Where Else Can I Go)

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I Run To You but Oche Jonkings Mp3 Download

I RUn To You by Oche JokingsGet live worship song by Minister Oche Jonkings titled I Run To You. This track was recorded live Live in Dunamis Int’l Gospel Center, Makurdi central Benue State, Nigeria.

Use the link below to download I Run To You by Oche Jonkings.



LYRICS OF I RUN TO YOU by Oche Jonkings

If You don’t help me where else can I go
No where, No where
If you don’t heal me where else can I go
No where, No where
So I run to You
So I run to You

I run to You
I run to You

And I run to You

I run to You Jesus
I run to You
I’m running to You

If You don’t help me where else can I go
No where, No where
If You don’t heal me where else can I go
No where, No where
If You don’t fix me where else can I go
No where, No where
If You don’t touch me where else can I go
No where, No where
If You don’t Bless me where else can I go
No where, No where

So I run to You
So I run to You

I run to You
I run to You

And I run to You

I run to You Jesus
I run to You
I’m running to You

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  1. Marcus says:

    I am heal from this song

  2. Adeleke Joseph Adebola says:

    heal me o Lord cause I have no other God to run to

  3. Anonymous says:

    I feel bless listening to this song

  4. Godwin says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    Save me Lord, I have nowhere to Go????

  6. past says:

    What an inspirational song

  7. Gidkeys says:

    I pray for more grace, I love the song, carry me along

  8. Anonymous says:

    Spirit filled
    Always make me want to pray????????????????

  9. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t bless me where else can i go lord?!?
    Bless me Lord

  10. Anonymous says:

    Highly inspired. More grace sir

  11. Tonia says:

    This song lift my soul when I’m down

  12. Anonymous says:

    God is everything we need

  13. Sheba says:

    So inspiring I love it deep down.

  14. Ukwuoma Joachim says:

    ???????????????????? Lord fix, touch and direct me.

    Holy spirit take charge ????️????️????️

  15. Anonymous says:

    I’m blessed listening to this song

  16. Anonymous says:

    More Grace sir.. This song is so inspiring ????

  17. Timothy says:

    I just a small part of the song but am now downloading it I really love it thank you for that song

  18. Anonymous says:

    This song is inspiring and it has blessed my soul as well keep it up God bless you

  19. Israel Bassey says:

    Am inspired by the song

    More grace sir

  20. Janet says:

    Wow, am blessed wit d song. More grace sir

  21. Anonymous says:

    As i listen to this I believe God will answer me. May God bless you sir.

  22. Don zito says:

    OMG am gonna minister this song

  23. Faith Willie says:

    Wonderfully sang.
    It’s so glorious.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wonderfully sang.
    It’s so glorious.

  25. Stargirl says:

    This song is so wonderful oooo LORD to u alone will i run to. God bless you Oche Jonkings for this song.

  26. Adams Thomas Success says:

    Nice and blessed

  27. Emmanuel Ita says:

    God bless you richly I’m bless by this song thank you

  28. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic song

  29. Anonymous says:

    more grace and divine insiperation

  30. Precious Assumpta says:

    Can’t believe I jxt hard 2 lines of the song just now and downloading it immediately….
    This song is so wonderful.
    More GRACE to you????????????
    Am really touched….

  31. Anonymous says:

    This song lifted my spirit

  32. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful song

  33. Anonymous says:

    Am just speechless, its glorifying God though….

  34. Arome says:

    Awesome song. God bless.

  35. Bieni Theresa Isioma says:

    My soul is lifted with this song, God bless u sir

  36. Bro philip says:

    What a powerful song
    I love it ❤️

  37. Gab peace ebruke says:

    Am bless by this song. God bless you oche jonking

  38. Zine Egberike G. says:

    I will always run to Him. Becoz He is a strong tower.l

  39. Favourruby says:

    Have been distrubed in my spirit since my morning devotion time today to sing the song.
    So was forced to download it now Cox am restless in spirit with the song. Hope it will bring me answers and favours in this my dark moment Cox I sense that it’s carries something special

  40. Ifunaya says:

    Love d song

  41. Anonymous says:

    Were I went to make my nails d lady making d nails was singing d song I downloaded it immediately

  42. Evangelist anny says:

    Am Sooo blessed with this song, more Grace to u

  43. OSHE GAS ONE says:

    God is great.. keep it up…. GOD BLESS

  44. Anonymous says:

    So spiritual love it…..I run to you

  45. Anonymous says:

    Help me oh God

  46. Eniola says:

    You know if you don’t have alternative where else can you go…. I love this music…

  47. Anonymous says:

    I thank God for this song i feel as if the all song was talking to me and it inspires me

  48. Mercy says:

    So spiritual
    I love the song

  49. Cindy Edwards says:

    God over everything.. truly my help comes from him…

  50. Anonymous says:

    I cried?

  51. Anonymous says:

    This is such an amazing song so inspirational.

  52. Governor Deopag says:

    Wonderful and Inspirational song composed. God bless the writer and composer.

  53. idowu says:

    nice one

  54. FB Achiever Inno cent says:

    No where
    It’s just u father

  55. Tempest says:

    What a beautiful song. So refreshing ?

  56. Owobi jnr says:

    Am finding it difficult to download this song pls I need it the most

  57. Ndubaneche@gmail.com says:

    This song make feel so week and so sorry of my sins before Jah and like d lost child in d Bible who can back to the Father, and knelt before to ask for Marcy.

  58. Egbejule Faith Alero says:

    This song is just too emotional? lord if u don’t help me where else can I go…. Lord no where?? Lord am grateful grant him more wisdom so he can draw your children back into ur kingdom Amen ?‍♂️??

  59. Promise Christopher says:

    An emotional song. Jesus is the only way, the only one to run to… i love you lord..

  60. Maxson Godgift Sunday says:

    The song is physically and emotionally breaker, when ever I had this song I feel like I’m in the presence of God, this is my morning devotion song,
    I love it so much, may God grant him more knowledge and more wisdom
    I Jesus name amen.

  61. Peculiar amadi says:

    Am really touched by dis song, he’s the only one we run to

  62. Princess ada says:

    This song is so wonderful more grace dear

  63. KingNedu Gospel says:

    Indeed this is a song, flesh and blood didn’t give you this song,,, more and greater grace

  64. Ekene says:

    I can’t just get tired of listening to this song. Indeed Jesus is the only help.

  65. Eyitayo says:

    So touching

  66. Ezinne says:

    What a song??so inspiring

  67. Anonymous says:

    What a song??so inspiring

  68. Kaffy James says:

    My Church choir sang this song today and I had to come and get it. God at the helm

  69. Anonymous says:

    Indeed Jesus is the only way????

  70. Anonymous says:

    It really uplifting

  71. Vic Pursh says:

    The song is amazing I love it.

  72. U U Chris says:

    This is a message that reveals the power of intimacy, letting your spirit to know that he is nothing, without the spirit of spirits ( Jesus).
    Am blessed indeed

  73. Anonymous says:

    Indeed God is the only way ,pls stay with him as I have listened to this song only way to Run to.

  74. Pablo says:

    I will always run to you, because you are my saviour and healer

  75. Gift Isaac says:

    Jesus is all I’ve got
    I’ll always run to him….
    If he don’t help me no where else to go
    No where
    I love you jesus ❤️

  76. Anonymous says:

    This is worderful .indeed jesus is the only one we can run to.

  77. Emmanuel says:

    If you don’t help me Lord where else can I go?
    I have no where?
    I have just you

  78. Jessy. says:

    All i have is you Jesus.
    I will always run to you.

  79. Grace Stephen says:

    If you don’t help me where else can I go, you are my final destination… Help me Lord and fix me

  80. Ruth Edet says:

    If you don’t deliver me where else do u want me to go?U are all I have lord

  81. Rikki?? says:

    Glory to God

  82. Anonymous says:

    Jesus were else do you want me to Go? ??? Just tell me and I will go there…. i run to Psalm 121vs1-8 all the time cuz I know that’s where I will find my help!!! Do the needful and fix me and heal me!!! Jesus is king

  83. Gift says:

    If u don’t bless me where else can I go no where…. No where at all father I have so much hoped on men and they have failed father please bless me and place me

  84. Anonymous says:

    GOD will really heal me to night, cos I believe & I have no where to go except to JESUS.

  85. Ruth says:

    Yes indeed we need to run to him alone I love the song so much

  86. Anonymous says:

    I have ran to men….. But all failed ….I run to u … Lord I run to u…. If u dnt help me I have no were else to go

  87. Anonymous says:

    I cnt go any were if dnt fix me lord…… Fix this broken vessel pls

  88. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t fix me Lord when else will I go if you don’t heal me where else can I go, touch me Lord

  89. Victoria Esther says:

    whenever I play this song I feel my spirit lifted up , this song is all the unspoken words I want to say to GOD but am speechless I just want GOD to touch ND Fix me … Lord pls fix me cause am broken ???

  90. Anonymous says:

    Awesome…if you don’t fix me where else can I go

  91. ArmstrongDiho says:

    More ? Oche Jonkings.

  92. Chinonye says:

    I run to you Jesus, I have nowhere else to go.

  93. Eimoga emmanuel says:

    Best song ..more grace

  94. Anonymous says:

    So touching
    I’m emotional already

  95. Prisca says:

    This song is soul lifting… I totally depend on you Lord God Almighty!!!

  96. Inemima-Abasi says:

    I really love this song ❤️❤️❤️
    Best song of the year
    Without Jesus we are nothing in this sinful World, He’s everything to me.

  97. Bleesing says:

    I will always run to u God

  98. Anonymous says:

    soo soul touching if GOD cant help me no one can

  99. Anonymous says:

    I really love this song cos without God am nothing

  100. ? JERRY says:

    This is my song of the year. It’s inspiring and makes one think of nothing but God alone

  101. Matilda says:

    Love this song very much

  102. Anonymous says:

    inspiring …Minister…

  103. Sam keys says:

    This song really touch my life, where else can we run to except Jesus,no man can help

  104. Praise says:

    This song is marvelous
    I just love it

  105. Mary uren says:

    This song bring one to nothingness until one totally depends on God. surrender ?

  106. Moi August Blessing says:

    I love it thanks a lot
    So inspiring

  107. Y. Walter says:

    What an inspiring and encouraging lyrics

  108. Anonymous says:

    Good job keep on

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