Download PraiseZion Worship Song Mixtape (Mp3)

Worship Songs Mix

Worship Mix

Download PraiseZion gospel Songs Mixtape. Click to download.


The tracks for this non-stop worship are listed below; Click to download any of the tracks.

  1. Benjamin Dube – Just To Be Close To You
  2. Benjamin Dube – Jehovah Is Your Name
  3. Elijah Oyelade -Spirit Pray
  4. Elijah Oyelade – The Way You Father Me
  5. Elijah Oyelade ft Nathaniel Bassey – Owner OF The Key
  6. Mr. Praiz ft Minister Afam – Eze
  7. Eben – Alpha and Omega
  8. Martin PK – Holy Spirit
  9. Martin PK – Beautiful Jesus
  10. Martin PK – This Says The Spirit
  11. Dr. Paul Eneche – Breathe On Me
  12. Tim Godfrey – Jigidem
  13. Ronke Adesokan ft Nathaniel Bassey – Yahweh
  14. Nathaniel Bassey – Jesus
  15. Nathaniel Bassey – This God Is Too God
  16. Nathaniel Bassey – Never The same
  17. Steve Crown – God Of Wonders
  18. Steve Crown – You Are Great
  19. Steve Crown – You Alone Are Worthy
  20. Jimmy D Psalmist – consuming Fire
  21. Jimmy D Psalmist – Power In The Blood
  22. Jimmy D Psalmist – Great and Mighty
  23. Michael W. Smith – Majesty
  24. Michael W. Smith – Grace


  1. This site is really awesome to me . It gives me more inspiration through the music’s. Keep it up guys

  2. This Site is indeed one of the best site I have found to be a total blessing to my spiritual life.

    The site is user friendly; very easy to explore.

    Big thanks to the Management Team. More intelligence of the spirit to you all.

    Happy New Year(2021) of another phase of Kingdom Advancement!!!

  3. Wow. This site is a blessing to me. God bless all the management team for this heaven on earth site.

  4. Infact the most amazing site I have ever visited is this site,it also very easy to download a music here

  5. Infact the most amazing site I have ever visited is this site,it also very easy to download a music here

  6. This is the only site that have given me what I have been looking for.
    It is the best site for PURE GOSPEL.
    ………….God bless you all.

  7. this site is very easy to download your favourite music. but its difficult to get the lyric

  8. You guys are doing a great job
    Keep it up
    God is a rewarder of those who do good works
    With all my Love

  9. I am thankful to God. Amidst all these confusion and misery, this site has continued to be helpful to many. Blessed here in Kenya.

  10. God is wonderful. It is good to praise him all the time. I love you Jesus, God bless u all in this room. I LOVE you all. let the gospel be preach in songs ministrations.

  11. I thank God for this great opportunity for worshiping him
    Because his the same today,tomorrow and forever.

  12. Happiness is killing me for what you are doing in this web site.
    May the almighty grand you guyz opportunities to do more of this.

  13. Happiness is killing me for you are doing in this web site.
    May the almighty grand you guyz opportunities to do more of this.

  14. Woow I never knew there is a platform like this….. More Grace❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I love to worship ????his majesty… He who seated in Heaven and make the earth is footstool.. (THE ALMIGHTY GOD)

  15. God bless the person who build this
    platform for us
    i really really like this website because of gosple music thank you

  16. I thank the boss of praisezion for all this wonderful gospel praise tnx once again,please i need more of Randy Travis gospel song and Alwina vreden thank u GOD bless u

  17. I really appreciate what u guys r doing, giving us evry piece tht preaches th word ..may God bless evry1 involved..

  18. I love dis site. It’s a download made easy. Pls i need dis song by sinach…. he’s never late

  19. I love this side
    Please i want to download a song i don’t know the title
    President without election

  20. This site is super awesome it’s amazing downloading on this site. You get to see the kings of sonasty you want and it dawn load so fast no stress. I love it

  21. thanks guys for making Jesus famous by taking the gospel songs to another level
    may God richly bless you

  22. I love this site. Great job
    Pls how do i get notification of new songs on my phone daily

  23. i want to download mixtape of praise worship 2019 but when it start to load it will half way pls help me to load

  24. Wow,been looking for a place to download gospel songs and av arrived there. Keep up the good work. This is the perfect place to download your songs

  25. This site is amazing never knew there was still a site where one can get close to God.. This is really amazing

  26. May this site remain bless in Jesus Name Amen..

    More grace for greater exploit…

  27. Have being looking for a site just like this or may more than,full of praise and really impressed thanks

  28. I love this site and serv the lord with more worship songs May God bless you mightly

  29. Good to know there’s a site like this where one can download amazing gospel songs with ease.God bless you for the good job your doing.

  30. God really is on our matter.. Ada, kudos to you for that great song..
    Continue the good work…

  31. Wow this is just to awesome I love it, hope to see more of it to download this is just to good to be true u guys are the best.

  32. You have work hard to put this for us to easily get some of this track for free, God Almighty with lift you to with a surprise, thanks

  33. The site is the best..
    please look for bro Cornelius Benjamin songs i want to download them.

  34. This site is just one of the best gospel site ever, these worship songs are full of inspiration! More Grace…

  35. This site is just one of the best gospel site ever, these worship song are full of inspiration! More Grace…

  36. I’m an invisible downloader I don’t comment on posts but you guys are doing a great job!……. Had no choice than to comment

  37. This site is so beautiful, you always get latest gospel songs and their sound beat is so unique.
    Keep it up.

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