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Download PraiseZion Worship Song Mixtape (Mp3)

Posted by: On April 3, 2019 || Categories: Music

Worship Mix

Download PraiseZion gospel Songs Mixtape. Click to download.


The tracks for this non-stop worship are listed below; Click to download any of the tracks.

  1. Benjamin Dube – Just To Be Close To You
  2. Benjamin Dube – Jehovah Is Your Name
  3. Elijah Oyelade -Spirit Pray
  4. Elijah Oyelade – The Way You Father Me
  5. Elijah Oyelade ft Nathaniel Bassey – Owner OF The Key
  6. Mr. Praiz ft Minister Afam – Eze
  7. Eben – Alpha and Omega
  8. Martin PK – Holy Spirit
  9. Martin PK – Beautiful Jesus
  10. Martin PK – This Says The Spirit
  11. Dr. Paul Eneche – Breathe On Me
  12. Tim Godfrey – Jigidem
  13. Ronke Adesokan ft Nathaniel Bassey – Yahweh
  14. Nathaniel Bassey – Jesus
  15. Nathaniel Bassey – This God Is Too God
  16. Nathaniel Bassey – Never The same
  17. Steve Crown – God Of Wonders
  18. Steve Crown – You Are Great
  19. Steve Crown – You Alone Are Worthy
  20. Jimmy D Psalmist – consuming Fire
  21. Jimmy D Psalmist – Power In The Blood
  22. Jimmy D Psalmist – Great and Mighty
  23. Michael W. Smith – Majesty
  24. Michael W. Smith – Grace

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  1. Linda says:

    You guys are amazing! May God bless your team

  2. Brenda says:

    Inspirational site.. God bless you

  3. Gilbert says:

    wonderful site ever simple downloads may God bless you guys for the good work

  4. Gilbert says:

    wonderful site ever and simple downloads may God bless you guys for the good work

  5. John Njovu says:

    I really appreciate what u guys r doing, giving us evry piece tht preaches th word ..may God bless evry1 involved..

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    this the best gospel site ever. may God bless you

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  9. Vic says:

    I love dis site. It’s a download made easy. Pls i need dis song by sinach…. he’s never late

  10. Big boi says:

    praise Zion you are the best andng will be forever. may God richly bless you

  11. Fredrick says:

    Wonderful site. God bless you guys

  12. Christy says:

    This is awesome, God bless you guys and He will continue to take you places.

  13. Anonymous says:

    i am a Muslim but the song in me i like it god bless you

  14. Michael says:

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  15. Nelly Natasha says:

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  24. Mutabazi Innocent says:

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  25. kwesi says:

    I have been searching for heart of worship to download but it is not on this page.

  26. Uduak Solomon says:

    I love this mix.
    Thank you so much

  27. fifi says:

    l love u praise zion

  28. Fifi says:

    thanks guys for making Jesus famous by taking the gospel songs to another level
    may God richly bless you

  29. Priscillia says:

    I love this site. Great job
    Pls how do i get notification of new songs on my phone daily

  30. Anonymous says:

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  31. Alexander says:

    Fast download,inspired music,easy to play,l give you people 7******* ,nice job

  32. favour k. says:

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  43. Anonymous says:

    i am in love with Israel Strong’s music. Please put more from Strong.

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    More grace for greater exploit

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    More grace for greater exploit…

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    I love this site and serv the lord with more worship songs May God bless you mightly

  49. Wanga says:

    Ancient of days you reign forever

  50. Wanga says:

    May our good Lord Jehovah continue with the work he started in you.Amen

  51. Jess says:

    I love this site. Thanks for the good work guys. Please I need Eben’s album

  52. David Lukkoma says:

    This site has made me more stongh in faith coz of great worship songs God bless you

  53. Lyndi says:

    Good to know there’s a site like this where one can download amazing gospel songs with ease.God bless you for the good job your doing.

  54. Sir_Mikeofficial says:

    God really is on our matter.. Ada, kudos to you for that great song..
    Continue the good work…

  55. Fortunate says:

    It feels cool to be in this site. Worship is my pleasure may God bless you.

  56. John says:

    Wow this is just to awesome I love it, hope to see more of it to download this is just to good to be true u guys are the best.

  57. Emmanuel says:

    you guys are doing great great job this website… keep it up

  58. GQ says:

    Great job brethren but need expansion to foreign gospel songs also like
    Maranathan singers etc

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  60. Anonymous says:

    You have work hard to put this for us to easily get some of this track for free, God Almighty with lift you to with a surprise, thanks

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  66. De'Bright says:

    This site is just one of the best gospel site ever, these worship song are full of inspiration! More Grace…

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