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Song Mp3 Download: Chris Shalom – My Beautifier

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My Beautifier by Chris ShalomDownload Gospel Song Mp3 titled My Beautifier by gospel artiste Chris Shalom. Use the download link below to get this track. Also get other gospel tracks by Chris Shalom HERE.


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  1. Ully Edom says:

    I like it

  2. Stanley church Kandela says:

    Shalom God bless you it’s so touching song

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love ur songs so much n may GOD bless

  4. Lilian kayombo says:

    Touching God bless you emmanuel

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s a beautiful song

  6. Anonymous says:

    What a great song it’s

  7. Ferdinant says:

    Thanks for this beautiful song it’s really touching my heart

  8. Anonymous says:

    I love the song, so touching

  9. Timoc says:

    Ooh! Shalom may the lord bless you
    actuall the song is touching me and make us worship our beautifier.

  10. Anonymous says:

    God bless you for bringing out this song and I pray God gives you wisdom knowledge and understanding to see I
    understand his ways and sing more songs about him

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ohhh God may God bless you I always cry when listening to your songs

  12. MIMI says:

    Indeed God has taken away my pains and shame thank you Jesus

  13. Emmanuel Bassie says:

    Nice song

  14. Hope says:

    Your songs are touching and makes me come closer to God

  15. Gloria says:

    Nice song….be blessed where ever you are

  16. Amosdore says:

    Your songs always encourage me they make me to worship GOD and trust in Him. God bless you Mr Chris

  17. Rockie boi says:

    I like diz sng so mch

  18. Kayz Lubasi says:

    Its really a nice and touching song i enjoy listening to it…

  19. Gween says:

    Love your song its touches my heart when am listening this .for sure its teaches me alot one day GOD is going to wipe my tears awy,may the God Almighty protect you

  20. Aaron jae ramzs says:

    I love your song it touch my heart and keep up the good work

  21. Christine says:

    Lovely song

  22. Christine muyendekwa says:

    Lovely song

  23. Philann says:


  24. Anonymous says:

    So nice, keep it up man,God bless you

  25. Jamsy says:

    So great

  26. Anntabby says:

    Thanks to God for giving u this song it strengthens me when am weak ,when am alone it brings hope to me

  27. Anonymous says:

    I really love the song Shalom…it’s very inspirational…keep it up… God bless

  28. Allan says:

    It’s so good

  29. Sunford says:

    So beautiful song daaah I like it man ..

  30. Sunford says:

    It’s amazing , amazing that I have ever heard..?????? keep it up. I like it man.

  31. Anonymous says:

    So nice God bless you

  32. Agnes Dama says:

    I love this song because it gives me strength and hope when am weak

  33. Anonymous says:

    The song is so lovely.

  34. Kaycee says:

    You’re truly a God sent….am so touch whenever I listen to ur this particular song(my beautifier)

  35. OsteeN says:

    It’s really a soul bender…. You can be changed from unholiness to a Godly person

  36. Anonymous says:

    Your track is good and keep always that standard .

  37. Anonymous says:

    It is a great song indeed

  38. Anonymous says:

    great work done here

  39. Anonymous says:

    I really love the song power belongs to Jesus it’s so touching and encouraging keep it up man of God

  40. Jessica says:

    Its gives me strength when am done. I really love the music, because I really love emotional songs.

  41. Anonymous says:

    I love the song may the almighty God give you more strength to minister his word through the inspired songs sir

  42. Anonymous says:

    So inspiring am Gabriella from Uganda l wish you the best of luck

  43. Amodoi s from Uganda says:

    Just been touched and blessed by the msg in the song

  44. Anonymous says:

    I love this song because it gives me strength when I’m weak

  45. molly cee says:

    love the song ,though cant download it beautiful

  46. Anonymous says:

    am blessed through this song

  47. Esther says:

    I love this song and I say its powerful may the Lord take you far you will see the hand of the Lord in your music and your life will never be the same

  48. Anonymous says:

    may God lift up you from glory to glory am blessed through the song

  49. Anita says:

    God led m to this song…woooow its a blessing to my ears n heart…thank u man of god…w luv u soo much n ur songs

  50. Anonymous says:

    I love this song it’s blessing my soul

  51. Anonymous says:

    Greatly inspiring

  52. Anonymous says:

    I’m inspired through listening to this song

  53. Anonymous says:

    very nice son

  54. marcarious says:

    So amazing the song beautifier has push many youths in kenya to be in the house of Mighty(church).

  55. Am Robert sololo says:

    you have made me a new person through your song bravo

  56. Anonymous says:

    am being blessed with your music my the load bless you all the time

  57. Methuselah says:


  58. Jacktone says:

    So beautiful. God bless you

  59. keisha says:

    love yöu chris shalom

  60. Beaty from Tanzania says:

    Shaloom son of God
    I like this song but it’s very hard to download. Be blessed

  61. Blessing says:

    I like this song so much. Bravo! Chris, I thought I was the only one that calls God my Beautifier.

  62. everest says:

    so clean

  63. Anonymous says:


  64. Jameson mlaki says:

    Illl love ur song bro keep prayng to God will lift u ubove all

  65. Alice says:

    Am really inspired with this song maybe God continue using u

  66. sharot says:

    I really love this song it takes me closer to my God

  67. Josphine says:

    Beautiful song keeps me going

  68. digna says:


  69. Am Stephen says:

    I love this of my beauty fire,when listen for that song its change life.

  70. veron says:

    Touching God bless u

  71. Jeremiah says:

    dis song is uplifting thnx bro shalom God bless you

  72. Ednah says:

    God bless you

  73. QUEEN says:

    The song is really touching, I like this song and my God bless you bro

  74. Felister says:

    Love this song

  75. value says:

    i cant download a song

  76. Lily says:

    Luv your songs Chris, be blessed.

  77. Anonymous says:

    I love this song sooo much it makes me be near to my Lord..thanx Shalom for such a nice song, love u big time

  78. Cindy banky rise says:

    Beautiful song I love it

  79. Gabriel says:

    I Lv It,is So Touching?

  80. Getruda says:

    God bless you bro

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