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  1. Chidozie Chioma says:

    Aha gi bu jehovah nke na ebi n’etiti cherubim

  2. Lucky says:

    Don moen hiding place

  3. Anonymous says:

    Tim Godfrey and travis Greene

  4. Elect David Louis says:

    The Cathedrals – champion of love

  5. Maureen peter says:

    Am not an ibo lady the name Paul (nuwukucha) songs please l need them thanks

  6. Maureen peter says:

    Please am not an ibo lady the name Paul (nuwukucha) songs please l need them

  7. Anonymous says:

    is GUC song available now, title I am your own I am your own oh

  8. Elect David Louis says:

    The Cathedral – champion of love

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Cathedrals – Champion of love

  10. Anonymous says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    Songs by Alvin Slaughter

  12. Elijah says:

    Hi, pls kindly upload THE LAMB by Tosin Falode. Thank you?)!

  13. henry says:

    All the songs are great

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thy will be done by rosemary chukwu

  15. Nana_bhempah says:

    When you are here by theophilus Sunday

  16. Anonymous says:

    Visit me

  17. Anonymous says:

    Please I need prince gozie okeke blessed Samuel

  18. Anonymous says:

    Precious Jesus

  19. Regina says:

    Emmanuel songs

  20. Pat says:


  21. Jimmy Oboltim Dennilson says:

    I love worship songs because i feel happy when listening to.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Oche says:

    Oyez Calvin Eden

  24. Mega 99:mixtape says:

    I love it

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sola All
    yson iri

  26. Loveth says:

    Heaven atlast Guc

  27. Loveth says:

    Heaven atlast by Guc

  28. Anonymous says:

    Tasha Cobbs

  29. Anonymous says:

    Lucky dube track the other side.

  30. Too faithful BY Moses blis

  31. Fejiro says:

    By Sinach

  32. Anonymous says:

    Your name by Panam Percy Paul

    Or better still cheer up album

  33. OLUCHI says:


  34. Greatness says:


  35. Anonymous says:

    Please I Need yabo mai zurfi by kay strings

  36. Blessing says:

    Jahovah over do, protocol breaker

  37. Anonymous says:

    Pls i need worship mixtape

  38. Anonymous says:


  39. Anonymous says:

    Please I need benny hinn songs

  40. Anonymous says:

    I need we praise by lem obadiah

  41. Daniel Ezenwa says:

    Please songs of “John okah live performance”

  42. Anonymous says:

    Because he lives by Nicole Mullen

  43. Solomon peter damulak says:

    I love all of you at paisezion God bless your ministry in Jesus name amen

  44. Anonymous says:

    Ofordu Godwin-Thank You Jesus

  45. Daniel Nanakeme says:

    Israel houghton there’s a lifting of the hands

  46. Anonymous says:

    God bless you and your family and friends. please play me praises songs

  47. Hi my name says:

    I want to request Become by Nelson rorobi a very beautiful gospel song

  48. Okeke says:

    I love this site

  49. Mr Godwin says:

    Pls I need the mp3 songs of Panam Percy Paul titled: 1. He knows
    2. Never too late

  50. Michael says:

    I want Izuruoke by bro Gilbert Okoye

  51. Adeneye olamide says:

    I need the book of praise chapter 1

  52. Ajao Tolulope says:

    Please, I want to download “Christ did it all” by Hezekiah Walker

  53. Maki Elijah says:

    Worship songs download

  54. georgechinuzo says:


  55. George chizzypraiz says:

    please i need your season by sinach

  56. Anonymous says:

    Am requesting for even if you slay me by Deborah Paul

  57. DJ fablistic says:

    Evangelist John okah tittled ,,Chimamanda

  58. Anonymous says:


  59. Anonymous says:


  60. Anonymous says:

    I want to request for ‘I HAVE CONFIDENCE IN YOU’

  61. Precious says:

    The word is working

  62. Nazarene says:

    I want to search for praise you in the storm by Natalie Grant

  63. Salvation says:

    Ancient words by Micheal W.smith

  64. Mercy Fablux says:

    Iyke onka song

  65. Anonymous says:

    a mama amasi amasi eze Jesus

  66. Praize says:

    Please i need apostle joshua selman messages

  67. Jeffrey Amaechi says:

    I need baba na you.. by Tim Godfrey

  68. Anonymous says:

    Kespan i need his all track+lyrics.

  69. Anonymous says:

    I wan to download all kespan track and there lyrics

  70. ANGEL OBI says:


  71. Anonymous says:


  72. Anonymous says:

    your too faithful to fail me

  73. Anonymous says:

    Chinyere udoma

  74. Anonymous says:

    I want to download pure praise by chinyere udoma

  75. Anonymous says:

    Pure praise

  76. Anonymous says:

    I need pure praise by chinyere udoma

  77. Anonymous says:


  78. Anonymous says:


  79. Anonymous says:

    I need Rev. Odunze’s msg

  80. Ivy says:

    Mma mma by buchi

  81. Anonymous says:

    Mike Clem’s your ways

  82. Eweiye Blessing says:

    Mike Clem’s your ways

  83. Bright Sunday says:

    By your blood, you crushed principalities by panam Percy Paul

  84. Anonymous says:

    Frank edward my deffeder

  85. Anonymous says:

    let your glory fill this place by Donnie mcClurkin

  86. Simza Absolom says:

    Your too faithfull to fail me

  87. Anonymous says:

    I live to prise ur name

  88. Anthony says:

    I love this song
    God bless you all

  89. Anthony says:

    Great anointing part 1
    By gozie okeke

  90. Anonymous says:

    Ogbenjuwa by Abraham Akatu

  91. Anonymous says:

    please I need a song titled holy ghost intoxicate me,by Victoria orenze

  92. Sam Sophy says:

    please i need a song titled “Another miracle” by Ikey Onka

  93. Anonymous says:

    Speak by Micah stampley

  94. Anonymous says:


  95. Chris omondi oyoo says:


  96. Anonymous says:

    Great work you guys are doing, more grace. Pls add GUC song titled ARMY

  97. Anonymous says:

    I love the songs here
    God bless all of you

  98. Anonymous says:

    Please I want this song by John P. Kee
    Build a house..

  99. elias says:

    reflect on gods mercies by tb joshua download

  100. Anonymous says:

    preach the gosple

  101. Anonymous says:

    please i want the song chinedum and testimony

  102. Mr kaunda says:

    Lawrence oyor songs

  103. Mr kaunda says:

    Lawrence oyor

  104. Anonymous says:

    i love dis song

  105. hemanth says:

    please upload donmenon songs

  106. Emmanuel says:

    I love the song can u send the song

  107. Victor says:

    Good job! Please could you add Kayode Olatayo’s Refreshing Sounds? At least the “Worship Medley” would do. Thanks and God bless!

  108. Solomon lange says:

    Please I need his song where he sing “Alagbada Ina, alawotele Orun, we give you Praise kayisa yabo almasihu

  109. Divine nkereuwem says:

    jimmy d psalmist song

  110. Anonymous says:

    Rev fr Emmnuel obimma

  111. Anonymous says:

    Theophilus sunday

  112. African babe says:

    Add praise the king by corey voss

  113. Gift says:

    I wanted to download “I wanna talk about his love by Toreen Metchi. Can’t find it’s

  114. Anonymous says:

    Looking interesting but have not been able to get or download any. Pls i need Doors of the spirit, All heavens declare and To faithful

  115. Anonymous says:

    Hillsongs worship

  116. Anonymous says:

    Ebenezer Obey’s song on Corona virus

  117. Mercy says:

    For your name his holy

  118. Anonymous says:

    I kindly request for Ada Ehi’s song titled ‘on my matter’. Thanks alot more

  119. Anonymous says:

    Extra praise by midnight crew please

  120. Anonymous says:

    Please I need extra praise by midnight crew
    And majesty, worship his majesty

  121. Jerry E says:

    I need Roar fro. Zion by Paul wilbur

  122. Anonymous says:

    “Onyenyemaka” Solomon Lange

  123. Joshua says:

    I need oya by frank edwards

  124. Anonymous says:

    I need oya by franj edwards

  125. Alvina says:

    Please add me dumi mkoktat songs

  126. Amaka says:

    I need Ogoli nwanyi by Evag Nnamdi

  127. Anonymous says:

    am not ashamed of Christ movie

  128. Yinka says:

    I still have joy Ron kenoly

  129. Seyi says:

    Overtake I recover all

  130. Stephany says:

    I love praisezion,I would love to download the song though I walk through valleys low by Don Moen

  131. Anonymous says:

    Please add our God by Chris Tomlin

  132. Chiekwela says:

    Please add Chris Tomlin and Chris Rice to the category of artistes

  133. Jennifer says:

    Throneroom I think it’s by Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir

  134. Anonymous says:

    I want war room

  135. Elias mukangwa says:

    Come now is a time to worship

  136. Rachael thomas says:

    Pls I need breathe by Dunson oyekan

  137. Afe says:

    Free indeed by Timothy Reddick

  138. Marvelous says:

    Pls can I get why we praise by hillsong

  139. Anonymous says:

    Please I request for hillsong Whole heart (hold me now)

  140. Anonymous says:


  141. Precious says:

    Please could you add most of able cee,Osaka,osy osina,Paul nkoweocha song and mostly high praise live performance

  142. Minister Armstrong says:

    Please I am requesting for we must praise by jmoss
    I love to praise your name by jmoss

  143. Anonymous says:


  144. Anonymous says:

    Even if you slay me

  145. Evang Chinedu says:

    God of second chance

  146. Anonymous says:

    coast of many colours

  147. Anonymous says:

    Amen amen song by Benjamin dube

  148. Anonymous says:

    I love this page

  149. Anonymous says:

    anya anti ahube GI by Mich Philip

  150. Anonymous says:


  151. Anonymous says:

    “You mean so much to me— Becky Enenche feat. Dr Paul Enenche

  152. Anonymous says:

    The song bor ebom

  153. Mark Melody says:

    Doors of the spirit

  154. Samuel says:

    T.d. Jakes album

  155. Anonymous says:

    Cece Winas wedding song I promise

  156. Joy says:

    Dr-paul-eneche-All-of-you-and-none-of- me

  157. Joy says:

    Dr-paul-eneche-All of you and none of me

  158. Funmilayo says:

    Dr paul eneche All of you and none of me

  159. Funmilayo says:

    Dr paul eneche All of you and none of me
    Dr paul eneche I can’t pay you lord

  160. Anonymous says:

    Follow you by Abel

  161. EDGAR PRISCILLA says:

    I love your songs and i really need to know them

  162. Anonymous says:


  163. Vera Afam says:

    Eben- Prince of Peace

  164. Vera Afam says:

    Eben – Prince of Peace, please I need it so much thank you

  165. Anonymous says:

    pls,I need all Mrs.osinachi nwachwuku

  166. Ebenezer prah says:

    Praises by Nathaniel Bassey and Funke Akindele

  167. Anonymous says:

    all Rosemary nwachukwus songs

  168. Success says:

    Song oba by Paul chisom ft karios

  169. Success says:

    Oba by Paul chisom ft karios

  170. Anonymous says:

    gozie songs

  171. Grace says:

    You did it all God

  172. Gracious kaela says:

    I don’t know who did this song I just found it in a video and I want it.. it gos like! When all hope was lost all God you did it. When they asked me how I say you did it. I don’t know how but you did it!! You did it please I want the song find for me

  173. Tayo says:

    Nothing to lose by loyiso bala

  174. Anonymous says:

    mercy hymns by Cornelius o Benjamin

  175. Glory Brown says:

    Pls i nid all osinachi music

  176. Anonymous says:


  177. Anonymous says:


  178. Maxwell musa says:

    Please i need all the songs of preye odede,

  179. Naomi says:

    Superman by Martin PK

  180. Anonymous says:

    Eunice u

  181. Anonymous says:

    Final say by ada ehi, every thing is blessed da video pls

  182. Princess says:

    Pls I want to request for this song ifoma by Chris Morgan

  183. Robert Chizunge says:

    I can’t get some songs I request for.

  184. Jorai Wekesa says:

    Soni baddu

  185. Jorai Wekesa says:

    I need Nigerian worship & south Africa

  186. Chosen one says:

    Please i need any lawrence oyor songs

  187. Anonymous says:

    Please,I need lawrence oyor songs

  188. Anonymous says:

    i need theophilus sunday,s song tittled take over

  189. Anonymous says:

    Pls I request mp3 on no way

  190. Gustav says:

    Pls I request the mp3 of hail my Jesus Ebube dike by Kris b and Shiloh praise crew.

  191. Evag. EMPEROR says:

    Songs by Jimmy swaggart

  192. Isaac Onome Edwards says:

    please i need the breaker by Travis Greene

  193. Anonymous says:

    please i need the breaker by Travis Greene

  194. Robert Chizunge says:


  195. Anonymous says:

    more than gold

  196. dan cephas says:

    can i get war room

  197. Favour says:

    Dr. Paul Enenche

  198. Anonymous says:

    I need a song title: I HAVE DECIDED TO FOLLOW JESUS , but honestly i don’t know the mame of the ARTIST

  199. Anonymous says:

    Olorun ko so be by Elijah Akintunde

  200. Anonymous says:

    pls I need Travis Greene good and loved ,broken record and engage culture

  201. Anonymous says:


  202. Anonymous says:


  203. KizzPraise says:

    I need a song by Timoty Reddick ” Am free indeed “

  204. Anonymous says:

    Paul enenche
    I luv u lord

  205. Lily says:

    Chinyere udoma albums

  206. Trinity says:

    please i want Agbebolo by Celestine Donkor

  207. Trinity says:

    agbebolo by Celestine Donkor

  208. Caleb says:

    Friday jibo songs

  209. Anonymous says:

    Hillsong mixtape non stop praise

  210. Anonymous says:

    I need ije love gospel mix by evangelist nnamdi and isreal

  211. GODS TIME says:


  212. Anonymous says:

    I need you.Donnie Mcklurkin

  213. Gold says:

    Sharecroppers seed by nicole mullen

  214. GODWIN says:

    Please i want old church choir by zach williams

  215. Anonymous says:

    Please i want old church choir by zach williams

  216. evelyn says:

    I want to request a song FROM THE START, HOW FAR YOU’VE COME.

  217. Anonymous says:

    Please help me with Ron Kenoly… I see the Lord

  218. Anonymous says:

    I want, I Won’t go back William McDowell’s

  219. Joy says:

    Kindly give me all Ada tracks and their lyrics

  220. Matthew Victoria says:

    I need all the songs by Dr Paul enenche

  221. Faustine Lugard says:

    I like your work.

  222. Anonymous says:

    i want to download God dey bless me

  223. akorede says:

    This is a very good site. God bless you. But I need There is a fountain filled with blood

  224. akorede says:

    There is a fountain filled with blood

  225. Anonymous says:

    I need all spinach and pastor Chris songs

  226. Anonymous says:

    Jonathan McReynolds

  227. uc smart says:


  228. ephalistar says:

    Add jekalyncarr

  229. Anonymous says:

    Broken vessels by Hillsong

  230. Anonymous says:

    I know he rescue my soul- hillsong

  231. Anonymous says:

    Nigeria movie

  232. Hero Paul says:

    I am free, by Dr Ruth

  233. Emmanuel john says:

    I want to download songs

  234. ephalistar says:

    I enjoy praisezione ,but am an able to download videos plz help

  235. Anonymous says:

    Cece Winans

  236. Anonymous says:

    Please help me with Jesus you are beautiful to me by Cece Winans

  237. Anonymous says:

    The one you saved as come to worship you.

  238. Kalvin Klein says:

    Please can some one help me with praising songs(dancing)

  239. Miebaka says:

    I need all of pastor Paul enenche songs

  240. Anonymous says:

    Wow !this is a nice site please help me with Joe praise aka

  241. Frank Edwards says:


  242. Shalom mark says:

    Please can i get you GOD all by yourself by NATHANIEL BASSEY

  243. Daps Dalyop Gwom & Margaret Motsage says:

    Pls I need kadosh(you reign)

  244. henrisoul says:

    I need complete track for dere du

  245. Judith kanayo something more than gold says:

    pls i need the song above thank somuch for the good work you are doing God bless you richly Amen.

  246. You are here says:

    Can’t find Dr Tumi song you are here

  247. Anonymous says:

    Please can I get thank you Lord for saving me by Isreal and the new breed

  248. Ohekwu Joseph says:

    I want to download: My life n instrument of worship, I want to live just where you are and High way in the red sea.

  249. Jesus culture says:


  250. Peace says:

    Pls can I get Christ is enough for me and I am no longer slave to sin thank you

  251. ifeanyi victor says:

    Please help me with,”God is able”,unending love,connerstone,alive in us ,my heart is overwhelmed,my anchor all by hillsongs united

  252. Emmanuel says:

    song title if God is dead by samsung

  253. Anonymous says:

    There is a fountain by Clarence McClendon
    Help me with it please

  254. Lois says:

    There’s a fountain
    Help me with it

  255. Lois says:

    There’s a fountain

  256. 4days late says:

    Please help me with that song

  257. More than Good says:

    Please help me with that song.

  258. Planetshakers says:


  259. Bella says:

    Overwhelmed By Big Daddy Weave. Many Reasons By Henrisoul. Thanks.

  260. Edlyn says:

    Please Can you get celestine donkors song titled Agbebolo..thanks

  261. Brian Chilanda says:

    Plz I need a song Lord u know me by Paul enenche

  262. Chinecherem says:


  263. bright simps says:

    i need Jimmy d songs

  264. Abigail says:


  265. Rachael says:


  266. CIN says:

    Cece Winas – fill my cup lord

  267. Mayizhi says:

    Am blessed and highly favoured of the Lord. Would like to listen to Donnie badu’s be thou exalted.

  268. Anonymous says:

    Spreading every where . Frank Edwards

  269. Anonymous says:

    Spreading every where, Frank Edwards

  270. Owoicho Frank says:

    pls I need song Lord u know me by
    Paul enenche

  271. Emmanuel says:

    Bro benjamin cornelieus- Alaeze bu ulo

  272. Emmanuel says:

    please upload Bro Benjamin cornelieus songs

  273. Jeneth says:

    Am no longer the slave of fear

  274. Stan says:

    Lucky Dube

  275. faith says:

    i want to download i am no longer a slave to fear

  276. Francis Charles says:

    Thank you so much for the uplifting songs, can l have the song by Martin Pk entitled Awesome

  277. Samuel Boadu says:

    Thank you for the cross, hilsong music Australia.

  278. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the cross

  279. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the cross, : hilsong music Australia.

  280. Dozie peter says:

    Please I need all of Dr Pst Paul Enenche’s songs

  281. Ericson says:

    Hey Could you please Upload all Paul Wilbur songs??? Please!!

  282. Godwin says:

    Open the eye of my heart

  283. Oni taiwo says:

    pls, Add me on WhatsApp 08087360040 thanks

  284. Michael mercy says:

    There is power in your name by jimmy d

  285. Linda Quayson says:

    I love this song by Diana Hamilton moni yoo

  286. Linda Quayson says:

    Thank you very much ,I need moni yoo

  287. remaliah says:

    i love the songs

  288. blissful says:

    chinedum by mercy chiwen

  289. value says:

    please i need limit breaker by frank edward

  290. michael linus says:

    I like this website please i need : you never live me even if i live you,you never fail even if i fail you, sweet jesus you are the faithful God

  291. Anonymous says:

    I requested for chinedum, haven’t seen.

  292. Anonymous says:

    Pls I need link to download MY DADDY IS IN HEAVEN.

  293. Chizzy says:

    Pls I need link to download MY DADDY IS IN HEAVEN

  294. Chizzy says:

    Request for chinedum.

  295. Adebayo says:

    Nathaniel Bassey

  296. Richfield says:

    Please upload this song. All I have to give by Mali

  297. Odey Noble says:

    I love this site passionately and I pray our good lord give you people more grace to do more and grow this site the more please I need this two songs
    1 for your glory by Tarsha Cobbs
    2 mercy said no by cecci winnans
    3 but for your grace by same Cecci

  298. Sku says:

    Purify my heart by Brian Doerksen

  299. Pst Chintork Yakubu says:

    Oh Lord we give you praise

  300. Eniola Michael says:

    Oh Lord we give you praise by PST. Chintork

  301. Eniola Michael says:

    this awesome.
    God bless you guys real good.
    Can I please get the song by Chintork,
    Title Oh Lord we give you praise

  302. Nweke Amechi says:

    Always There To Help

  303. Hannah says:

    You are worthy by Phillip

  304. Ayodele says:

    Sweet song

  305. Mina says:


  306. Jeremiah says:

    upload boundless love to be accessible to download

  307. Eunice says:

    We need a move by tash cobbs

  308. Eunice says:

    Falling on my kneels my William McDowell

  309. Zeedy Marvel Enoch says:

    Geoffrey Golden

  310. Michael Terfa says:

    I like the song and I want it.

  311. Master of the universe says:

    Panam percy Paul

  312. Panam percy Paul says:

    Master of the universe

  313. Master of the universe says:

    My pleasure.. Praisezion

  314. Anonymous says:

    Hillsong united mighty to save

  315. Anonymous says:

    pls i need songs on the theme; eternal love

  316. Joy says:

    The champion by Nathaniel bassey

  317. Grace says:

    I need tongue of Fire by pastor Paul enenche

  318. tenacious says:

    Plz I don’t really know the name of the artist who sang this song: BUT FOR YOUR GRACE: But for ur GRACE I could not be saved, but for ur GRACE I would go my way, I’m forever grateful, that u have been faithful to me Lord, for ur amazing grace

  319. master Emmanuel says:

    No temptation by dr. paul enenche

  320. Alex D says:

    The grace of God is upon you to trafer his glory to the world of man

  321. Davied says:

    Awesome God by Michael Smith, Ijoba orun by Lara George and Hallelujah by Alexandra Burke

  322. mellu says:

    God bless you my dear singer

  323. Courage Daniels says:

    I will sing

  324. Peter Godwill says:

    I have been trying to download David G song We bow down and worship Yahweh but it wasn’t downloading.Please you guyz help because I so much love the song.Immense thanks.

  325. Orhohs Lordmayor says:

    There’s no Sholia Alonso songs in your list or Artist names. Y?

  326. Anonymous says:


  327. help is on the way says:

    my best song

  328. Sinach says:


  329. You satisfy says:


  330. panam percy paul says:

    i will make my heart your dwelling place

  331. nobody like jesus by nilivi feature cy says:

    I love that song

  332. Anonymous says:

    Please i want to download Imela by Darlington smart

  333. Sinach says:


  334. Don moen says:

    God will make a way

  335. Anonymous says:

    song by rebekha dawn natamani kutembea nawa.

  336. Evaristo says:

    Its a wonderful site

  337. dr enenche says:

    anointed pastor

  338. Orenzi says:

    best Singer

  339. Omolayo Austin says:

    please, l need this song titled ohimini by paul eneche

  340. Omolayo Austin says:

    please, I really need
    this song titled “ohimini” by pastor Paul eneche

  341. Greater Grace says:

    Please I want to download holy ghost fire by resonance but its not available also celebrate by timaya

  342. Chioma says:

    Upload the war by panam Percy Paul

  343. Favour says:

    Please help download The War by Panam Percy Paul.

  344. God of war panam Percy paul says:

    It is a worship song

  345. Frank Cis says:


  346. Anonymous says:

    made a way

  347. Alagbada ina by nathaniel Bassey says:

    This site is so helpful in searching for latest songs. Am so thankful to the site

  348. Emmanuel says:

    Gozie okeke songs

  349. my world with you right now says:

    I love that song

  350. Anonymous says:

    Frank Edward ft chee I have come to sing

  351. Okumu Derrick Opuya says:

    Your songs are really heavenly worships,may Lord enlarge you

  352. precious says:

    He’s alive by preye

  353. No temptation by pastor Paul enenche says:

    IRS fine

  354. All songs by casting crown says:

    Songs such as Thrive, praise you in this storm, lifesong, oh my soul e t.c

  355. sacrifice of praise by Don Moen says:

    I have spent hours searching google for where I can download sacrifice of praise by Don Moen but didn’t get any one. I will be very glad if it can be uploaded on your site for me to download. Thank u very much

  356. Take me yo the place by Elijah oyelade says:

    I love d song but am trying to download it but I can’t.

  357. hezekiah walker says:

    every praise

  358. Collins says:

    God will make a way

  359. Chiwendu says:

    Please can’t seem to get, your presence is heaven by israel and new breed

  360. Panam Percy Paul-He knows says:

    Beautiful song never to be forgotten ❤️

  361. Bliss Williams nouel says:

    I love the of sinach ”i will dance praise the Lord it doesn’t matter what comes my way the greater one lives inside of me his name is Jesus.

  362. Vheaktoria says:

    Show me your face

  363. Augustine says:

    Please I need No other God by preye odede and Essence by Nessa

  364. Paul Enenche says:

    Agaba iduh

  365. promise says:

    pls I need this movie wedding party part 1

  366. Elizabeth Oyeniyi says:

    Loruko Jesu iyanu iyosele by Pastor Dunni Dada.

  367. Elizabeth Oyeniyi says:

    Breathe on me by Clint Brown

  368. Look what you've done already says:

    Nice song

  369. Adwoa says:

    Hallehulah Er
    Hallehulah oo
    let the song of victory

  370. Anonymous says:

    i won’t to download Baba ara all music

  371. Odighi chi ozo says:

    This particular song makes me feel confident in God

  372. Anonymous says:

    i like the song paaa

  373. Igba Dorcas Selumun. says:

    Travis Greene

  374. You are Yahweh says:

    Gospels artist naija

  375. Emma kay says:

    Pls kindly help with songs of Jesus Culture and Kim walker

  376. Anonymous says:

    Faithful Gos

  377. You are the reason says:

    Nice and I love it

  378. Elechi Victor says:

    I love this songs

  379. David Forlu says:

    Be thou exalted oh Lord

  380. Steve crown says:

    You are Yaweh

  381. Anonymous says:

    show us your glory lord we pray

  382. caroline says:

    do something new,something new today Spirit of the living God

  383. caroline says:

    do something new,something new todaySpirit of the living God

  384. do something new,something new today.spirt of the living God says:

    what song is this and artist

  385. Mr Josh says:

    Hi Mr praise I need songs buy Bob Fitt, Jimmy swagarth, and Bill gaituer

  386. wilsong says:

    with all I am

  387. Elijah says:

    glorious God

  388. The song title is by your grace and mercy I am justify by Dr Paul enenche says:

    Thanks for your help

  389. Iphyok says:

    Hello and welldone for making gospel songs available for easy download.

    please can you make available ‘captain by hillsong united’

    Thank you

  390. Frank Cis says:

    Hello Jay The song title is I WILL KEEP RUNNING TO YOU by Todd Dulaney.. Use this download link to get it. https://praisezion.com/2018/12/song-mp3-download-todd-dulaney-i-will-keep-running-to-you-lyrics/

  391. jay says:

    I am looking for a song,I don’t know the artiste or the name of the song but I remember a line from it…”it may not be easy but God I keep running to you……I’m running out to follow you….please if you know the song,it would love to have it

  392. Anonymous says:

    I am looking for a song,I don’t know the artiste or the name of the song but I remember a line from it…”it may not be easy but God I keep running to you……I’m running out to follow you….please if you know the song,it would love to have it

  393. Isaac Osas Osayende says:

    Reckless love by Darrell Walls

  394. Sammy says:

    Yahweh by ADA

  395. Anonymous says:

    I heard the voice of Jesus by Horatius Bonar. It is a SDA hymn

  396. Rahabu says:

    Highly lifted by Elijah

  397. Jesus how I love you Eben says:

    Thank you.

  398. paul enench says:


  399. Anonymous says:


  400. tye tribette says:

    it blesses me

  401. Tye tribette says:

    it blesses me.

  402. Am alive o Lord by Paul Enenche says:


  403. Frank Cis says:

    Kindly drop your details so we can reach put to to you. We have tried the link from our own end and everything seemed to be working out fine. Please try another browser and/or another network

  404. Michael says:

    Anytime i try to download bless the lord 10,000 reason by matt redman it stops half way. I have tried it like ten time but am still getting same result. Pls help me out.

  405. Frank Cis says:

    Kindly forward you details so we can link you up with a producer

  406. Nos morgan says:

    pls i need a producer any available

  407. john ephriam says:

    i luv yr songs

  408. Lexza says:

    Please I need link to download Now behold the lamb mp3

  409. Anonymous says:

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  410. Victoral orenze i wt to draw says:

    Mercy chinwe

  411. David g says:

    mp3 of full me lord till l overflow

  412. Divine exchange By Don moen song says:


  413. Cristmogan says:


  414. spirit pray says:

    it’d so amazing

  415. Sammy says:

    In dry and testy land by Dr Paul enenche

  416. Stella says:

    Unable to find my life belong to u by isreal strong

  417. THRONE ROOM says:


  418. Nick says:

    Please,I can’t seem to get any substantial info about the singer of the song dat has this line “I release the sound of creation…”

  419. Divine exchange says:


  420. excess love by mercy chinwo says:

    thank you
    mercy……. the song changed my life

  421. Fred Hammond says:

    Lord you are my song

  422. Onuche says:


  423. Okikachukwu Enoch says:

    I ‘ve being trying to download songs by Paul Agubata-Adams,but couldn’t get them.Why not fix them now?

  424. Jehovah is your name by Benjamin dube says:

    This song lifts my spirit and soul

  425. Anonymous says:

    Pls Healing Rain By Michael W. Smith

  426. Debbie says:

    Unable to find Overdose lrics by The Gratitude (COZA)
    and can’t find Hello download link by The Gratitude(COZA)

  427. Exemplify lady says:

    I love the song

  428. Mr. Praise says:

    Hi Miss Anny The Download link will be shared in few minutes

  429. Anny says:

    Sorry, didn’t get my message straight earlier. A song by G wills, original Papa. The download link please.

  430. Anonymous says:

    Original papa by G wills please

  431. Mr. Praise says:

    Mr. G Will Kindly Provide the details of the song

  432. Anny says:

    Original papa by G wills. Can’t seem to get this song anywhere. Help please

  433. G will says:

    Can’nt seem to get his song anywhere. Can u help?

  434. Mr. Praise says:

    the download link is working properly. Kindly check your network or browser

  435. Gratitude look at what you done already says:

    I can’t download it

  436. Mr. Praise says:

    Try searching with Artiste name only

  437. Johnson George says:

    Why is it that i cant request for a song why searching

  438. Ruben says:

    You are the love of my life by Ron kennoly

  439. Esther says:

    I need Pentecost power by David G

  440. i need Victoria Orenze video says:

    I want to see your face Victoria

  441. I want to see your face victory orenze says:

    That has healed my spirit

  442. Sonnie Badu abaribiri says:


  443. Akinlolu says:

    Resonance music

  444. Jesu yi oo says:

    By funmi

  445. Lai lai by Tim Godfrey says:

    Pls help me get the song. I need it

  446. BY FRANK EWARD says:


  447. FRANK EDWARD says:

    Upload gratitude by frank Edward

  448. FRANK EDWARD says:

    I want to download gratitude by frank Edward

  449. Anonymous says:

    I need a song pls upload a song

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  451. Greater tomorrow says:

    Pls I really need this song

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    I love you forever by tye

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  455. danny says:

    imela by jumbo pls

  456. mural is a Chinese film says:

    I love it

  457. Ephraim says:

    Heal me oh lord by don moen

  458. Anonymous says:

    Heal me oh lord by and my portion by Don

  459. Anonymous says:

    Please upload for me With all i am by Hillsong

  460. Anonymous says:

    Hey please apload for me with all i am by willsong please

  461. With all iam by willsong says:


  462. Willsong (featuring darlene says:

    Please apload for me with all i am by willsong

  463. Anonymous says:

    With all i am by willsong

  464. Willsong (featuring darlene says:

    With all iam

  465. Mr. Praise says:

    Hi Evelyn, Here is the link For made a way by Travis Greene https: Click on it https://praisezion.com/2018/09/music-travis-greene-made-a-way/

  466. Anonymous says:

    Lord I bring my praise to you as a sacrifice of love Dr Paul eneche

  467. Grace by Michael W.Smith says:

    Grace by Michael W.Smith

  468. Evelyn says:

    Pls I would want you guys to upload I love you by Chris Morgan ,you made a way by Travis gereene

  469. Usher says:

    How do I say

  470. Mr. Praise says:

    Hello Zanitar, Kindly give more details like Artiste name and Song title

  471. Zanitar says:

    Exceptional and it boost my spirit

  472. Israel Strong says:


  473. divine says:

    all the songs are good

  474. Basoene ldibi says:

    Godwin Omighale-winner man

  475. Mr. Praise says:

    You May now search for the song.

  476. Panam Percy Paul says:

    Open my eyes, bring down the glory, this is our time

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