If you are having any challenges with downloading a file please endeavour to use another browser on your phone/tablet or update your browser. Note the following:

1. If you are getting “ERROR FETCHING FILE” it’s is usually associated with Opera Mini browsers, especially the old or outdated versions, kindly update or download the latest version of the browser to curb this problem, or use another browser on your phone to proceed with your intended download.

2. If you are experiencing any other challenges with surfing this site or downloading a file, or you are seeing an Error Message display, Please the comment form below to state this issue or report the bug (Please state the exact error or challenge you encounter) in order to bring it to our notice, also drop your number or email in the comment box so we can reach you if need be, this is in order to clarify the exact issue.

We appreciate your observations and promise to resolve these issues ASAP so you can have a super-fast and hitch-free surfing experience on our site.



  1. I am using tecno t474,and they is a operamini app in it,anytime am trying to download music,video into my memorycard it shows error fetching file

  2. I just bought my itel 2171 in June of this year. It’s been a week it’s acting all up,each time I try operamini or Facebook it’s shows “error not enough space” I have tried resetting it by doing return to factory settings but still no changes. Please help.

  3. Unable to download excess love video song of mercy any other videos please guide me well

  4. Pls if I want to download it refused instead it start playing in my vlc direct and if I pause it will just stop

  5. If I click to download with my iPhone, it will play the song rather. Please I want to download this beautiful piece.

  6. after downloading a file,it shows initialising
    please wait but it would not display even the next day


  8. please if i try to download, I will be seeing download failed even though i hv enough data n again am finding it difficult to download any thing from this website

  9. There’s no download link on the song “Nathaniel Bassey – Amen (chant)”
    And I really need the song urgently

  10. I cannot download or save any song. It always shows error or insecure connection setting

  11. Whenever I want to download a file it displays chrome needs a storage but if I tackle, it displays enable or disable

  12. Please whenever I want to open some pages or download some informations it will take me to bet9ja said, so i don’t know how to handle that.

  13. Pls, many times l tried to download songs,walpaper and other things, it shows “ERROR FETCHING FILE” that’s my problem.

  14. Nice mixed worship et al
    But plzz why cant someone have the movies downloaded?
    There should be a box fir it you know.
    You have got good movies kindly help us navigate the downloads.
    Thank u

  15. Thanks for doing God”s work in this amazing way, blessing, nurturing and lifting souls for God. God bless you.
    Please how can I download the videos/Movies?


    Sam Okere

  16. While downloadin in opera mini it allows display error fetchin files while downloadin than when i try downlodin in dorado it sat downloadin fail why i can’t take it anymore solutions plz

  17. I cannot download anything and the worst of it is that nothing is being displayed as to what the problem might be.

  18. I Can’t watch video on YouTube help i also want to download Joe praise aka but it is difficult to get. help

  19. I am not able to download war room movie….s atleast I want to see in chromecast or online….pls help me…

  20. I am having difficulty in downloading some files, when it starts downloading it won’t complete only for me to be told waiting for network, don’t know y and I have an active data plan

  21. Please i dnt knw how to download a full song of NWACHUKWU OSINACHI u no dey use me play pls help

  22. Please,how can I download the Christians movies. Can u please put me through on how to download them please. The download link is not enabled. Here is my email:

    Beside I do enjoyed the gospel music on your site. It as saved me the embarrassment of looking for who to transfer from. Wonderful ministry you guys are doing here, God bless you, even though I know it’s not really free but it’s helpful. Thank you.

  23. I thank God so much for your potential . But old and new songs for chris embassy and pastor chris’s masseges . But your best among the best I love you

  24. Anytime i wont to download any music or video from any website it will show me an error from the current security server provider system

  25. My major problem on this site is that, I just can’t download anything anymore, why?

  26. I can’t download alagbada ina by nathaniel bassey through this always show me download fail.please i need help.


  28. Whenever i try downloading songs,it will load for a long time and then show WAP connection ended or service not available

  29. Wap connection ended Nokia 113, my phone no. 09070004541 I have also updated my opera mini browser

  30. Can’t download again. Maybe it’s cos I blocked notifications. Kindly

  31. I Try to download a file,it will download but will not complete rather it say error effecting file

  32. I can’t download songs from this site pls help me fast; it displays error when downloading files

  33. I can’t download incredible God by mercy chinwo,rather is telling me that I can’t reach the site,pls what do I do?

  34. I try downloading the film but it’s not downloading even after updating the browser I’m using

  35. I have downloaded about five files from this site today. But i was unable to download anything again. My phone always display NO SPACE LEFT. Please, what can i do?

  36. Each type I click download , the song automatically begins to play through vlc.. And I don’t know how to go about it..

  37. I am trying to find the lyric of the gratitude.look what u have don already but i am not seeing it

  38. Am having a problem in downloading a song and delays and sometimes nothing is displaying while I want to play a song.

  39. plise help icn’t down load my tomorrow must be greater than today it really inspire me so much

  40. i have tried to download the music, but there is no space in my phone to save music, and the case is that i don’t have memory card

  41. I have downloaded mine praise GOD I have always dreamt of having this music and now u have it .let me jubilate yeh

  42. whenever i try to open my zender,they will say there’s problem parsing the package and elijah onyelade’s song refuse to download.08138738412

  43. Access to r5— was denied You don’t have authorization to view this page.
    HTTP ERROR 403

  44. when am trying to download movies they tell me that “seach unable to operate” pls what is the problem

  45. In abulity for my adoiu to play.Anytime i download music it will not evenplay talkoff singing

  46. Pls i need the sofia note of the air i breath, I have been trying to get it since two weeks now but it’s showing missing sofia note

  47. if i want to download any song, it will go back to the beginning (welcome to praise zion). Like giving me another information I didn’t request for.


  48. Am using mozilla browser and want to download movies but can’t. had no problems downloading song but not movies. what couuld be the problem. am using a laptop.

  49. if i want to download any song, it will go back to the beginning (welcome to praise zion)

  50. I can’t download mars ekele
    it will show downloaded but when I try playing it ,it will say can’t play the audio

  51. when i click the download button, it goes back to the beginning. i dont know what’s happening

  52. My challenging is when i want to download after sellect items, in the proccese of downloading, then it showing me error fiching fill. that is the problem.

  53. My challenge is when I want to download, after selecting the item the download box will not appear again.

  54. for weeks now,I have been trying on downloading my chains as are gone by Michael W. Smith. Can I have the song here please?

  55. Anytime i want to download song, it mostly say “ERROR FETCHING FILE” and i wonder what to do.

  56. I found it difficult to download a song because there always an error in fetching file as a message.

  57. I can’t download, asking me “using VLC or Chrome?” and anytime I select either, it will take me back to lyrics page

  58. My name is Kome Oletu a.k.a Somebody special. Please i couldn’t download the song Hallelujah by Buchi from the album Red Gold and Green.

  59. The only browser supported by my phone is opera mini. Does that mean i cannot download this songs?

  60. I want to download my heart will trust by Darlene zschech but it is only showing preparing (0.00B) and refuse to download. And I’m using UC Mini Browser

  61. Please how can I download the’s not showing the lyrics have been on it since yesterday…

  62. Sorry about the inability to download most times, just try reloading the page and download the song again its because of the load on our server… We are already working on it. Best Regards

  63. It’ll bring the link to download the song,when you click it’ll take you to another link, it’ll keep taking you just like that. It’s not downloading.

  64. Please I wanted to download the song ur the reason y I lift my hands by shalom it’s not downloading

  65. Good evening, we have been upgrading our servers recently. Sorry for inconvenience caused. It’s all in our bid to provide seamless services to you all. Thanks for reaching out to us. Regards

  66. What i do encounter here sometimes is by showing me “INVALID” which i don’t know the cause.

  67. Thanks for reaching us Mr. Okikah Chukwuemeka, but for the issue of “Error Fetching Files” it’s usually with Opera Mini browsers especially when it isn’t the current version of the browser, kindly update your opera mini browser to get rid of this problem while we work on our own part to give you the best seamless download experience.

  68. something about error fetching that I am experiencing sometime,i’m downloading.Thanks!

  69. Mr. Roland Moshipoto, have you checked your internet connection to ensure it didnt go off while dowloading? Also try another browser and get back to us if the problem persists. Regards.

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