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Greece’s MBBS Program: Admission Standards, Free Tuition, Scholarships

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Greece is a well-liked travel destination because of its rich history, culture, and hospitality, but what about education? Studying in Greece is beneficial, as evidenced by the country’s ranking in the top 50 of the QS World University Rankings for Education. All the information you need to apply for an MBBS in Greece is provided here, including entry requirements, free tuition, and scholarships.

Comparing Greece to other European countries, studying there is incredibly economical. International students from the European Union (EU) do not need to pay tuition; however, those from non-EU nations must pay an additional charge or apply for one of the many scholarships available to study in Greece for free.


If you are an international student studying in Greece, you must either be proficient in Greek or prepared to pick it up. Greek is the main language of instruction; therefore, students who do not speak Greek well will need to enroll in language classes in addition to their academic program.

The field of medicine as we know it now owes much to the contributions of the ancient Greeks. Students from the European Union can study medicine in Greece for free, just like they can with other degrees offered there. It is possible that non-European students studying medicine in Greece will have to pay minimal to no tuition fees.

General Requirements for Undergraduate Study Entry

Greek undergraduate admissions are contingent upon passing the Greek State Pan-Hellenic Examinations. Every July, applications for undergraduate programs in Greece are sent to the Greek Ministry of National Education. Applications to study in Greece differ for students from the EU and those from outside the EU.

The following are the documentation that all applicants from outside the country must submit:

Requirements for General Graduate Study Entry

You apply directly to the postsecondary institution of your choosing for Master’s degrees and further education in Greece. To help you verify the prerequisites for the university of your choosing, the following checklist has been provided.

The following paperwork is often needed in order to get admitted to a postgraduate degree program in Greece.

Greece’s Top Medical Universities

Every university on the list provides undergraduate medical education, and several of them further provide graduate programs in other disciplines.

1.) National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

This university, the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, is one of the top medical schools in Greece. The medical school provides postgraduate degrees in molecular medicine and nanomedicine, both of which are offered in English.

2.) Harokopio University Athens

The top university in Greece to pursue a nutrition-related medical degree is Harokopio University. This university has a strong emphasis on dietetics and human nutrition. Doctorate programs and postgraduate degrees in nutrition are both available at Harokopio University.

3.) Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

The medical school at this university enjoys great recognition both in Greece and internationally. There are more than 20 postgraduate degrees in medicine offered by the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

4.) University of Ioannina

The University of Ioannina offers its students access to recognized medical specialists, clinics, and labs. The university accepts applications for doctorate degrees and provides five postgraduate programs. Numerous universities in Asia, Europe, and the United States collaborate with the University of Ioannina’s Faculty of Medicine.

5.) University Of Crete

The University of Crete is next to Heraklion and has a prestigious school of medicine. Medical students at the University of Crete can gain practical experience in real-world scenarios at its university teaching hospital. The institution provides doctoral programs, a variety of postgraduate degrees connected to medicine, and certain postgraduate degrees completed in conjunction with other universities.

6.) University of Patras

University of Patras has a pharmacy department in addition to a medical school. The University of Patras takes great pleasure in its capacity to train and prepare the next wave of medical professionals. The medical school is proud to have a teaching hospital that helps the local community and gives its students real-world experience. Graduate, undergraduate, and postgraduate programs are offered by the medical school.

Greek Scholarships for Medical Study

International students can study medicine in Greece and throughout Europe on a number of scholarships. One noteworthy program is the grants and scholarships offered by the Hellenic Foundation for Research and Innovation (HFRI) to medical doctorate and post-doctoral research students. Additionally, there are university scholarships available to both undergraduate and graduate medical students, like as the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki award.

American citizens pursuing studies in Greece may also be eligible for scholarships from the Fulbright Foundation. It includes a monthly stipend, complete or partial tuition reimbursement, and several other benefits.

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