Crossdressers Are Responsible For High Rate Of Divorce In Nigeria – Kayanmata Seller, Jaruma (Video)

Popular businesswoman and Kayanmata seller, Jaruma has reacted to reports which claim that Kanyamata is the reason for most divorce in the country.

According to Jarama, Kanyamata is meant to save not break the home as she blames the high divorce rate on cross-dressers.

“Kayanmata” which originated from the Northern part of Nigeria, refers to herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers for couples. The products have been trending on social media as the merchants openly advertise them and also post their clients’ “testimonies” on the efficacy.

In a video she shared on IG, Jaruma reacted to claims that single ladies who use Kayanmata are responsible for the high rate of divorce.

”News was all over town that the high rate of divorce has been linked and traced to Kaynmata because single girls are now buying Kayanmata and now taking away married men from their wives.

There is only one Kayanmata, the original from the North. Have you ever heard me say we are taking away your hsubands away from you? Have you ever heard me say we are coming to take yiur husbands away?

Original Hausa Kayanmata from the North, we are home makers. We are not home breakers.

The high rate of divorce you are talking about can only be linked to crossdressers because crossdressers are the only ones who always say we are coming to take your husbands away.

Every single crossdresser in Nigeria, that is their motto.”

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