Nigerian Fashion Designer Stirs Reactions As She Vows To Cook For Her Husband 3 Times A Day

Xarah, a Nigerian fashion designer, has vowed to cook for her husband as many as several times a day if he wishes.

She reminded ‘e-feminists’ that she planned on cooking three times for her husband unless he chooses to let her rest.

“I ‘m here to remind these e-feminists that I will cook 3 times for my husband unless he chooses to let me rest” she wrote.

Twitter users reacted to the tweet and reminded her that feminists never said that women should not cook for their husbands.

One called her a bubble head and olodo.

“Mama of all “PICK ME”S. A bubble head who thinks women asking to be treated with decency CANNOT cook for their husbands. Aunty, dont worry they have seen you, hopefully atleast one man on this app will ask you out after this tweet, you hear? OLODO”

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