Chisom Umeh – Prayer For The Church

Prayer FOr The Church by Chisom Umeh

Prayer FOr The Church by Chisom Umeh

Chisom Umeh is a passionate worshipper whose drive is to lead God’s people into deep and spiritual worship through sounds and Spirit energized words.

He hails from Anambra state, Nigeria from where he carries out his ministry.

The song ‘Prayer For The Church‘ is an expression of a burden to see an intense movement of the Spirit in every individual and through various spheres of our society. It will provoke desperation in the hearts of men to seek to the experiential reality of the Holy Spirit again, and stir a reawakening in the church at large.

It is his second single after ‘Running Over‘ which was released in February.



We are your people,
We are your church
We are you banner
On every mountain.

We are your army.
We have your seed
We are your family
And we’ve come to thee

We need revival
We’re on our knees.
We cry for healing
through all our streets

you are the father and we long to see,
Your spirit take over
This church again


Like a mighty rushing wind,
sweep across our land
that the world may know
you are Lord of all.

Like the water on the sea,
spirit flood your church
that the world may know
you are Lord of all

With your fire and your flame spirit touch our lives
that the world may know
You are Lord of all


Send your mercy lord your mercy,
Send you healing on the Earth.
Let your kingdom reign we pray
Fill our hearts with love amen


  1. Grace Bro.

    Having walked along in prayers @Oko recently, I got some glimpse that this song is a birthing inspired from above.

    May God strengthen the Church, Amen.
    Greater height Bro.

  2. I celebrate the grace of God at work in you. Your worship are not just songs but life.

    Personally, I have not recovered from that your song “Running Over”.

    I pray for multipled grace and unction.

  3. Oh! Dear Pastor Chisom,

    How much I have been admiring before we come together under the roof of God’s Servant, APOSTLE DAN OGBU of FOURTH DIMENSION MINISTRIES INTERNATIONAL.

    The release of “RUNNING OVER” in February, 2020 was a blessing to me to the Body of Christ, and now (August, 2020), we have “PRAYER FOR THE CHURCH.”

    I esteem you brother!
    Daalu rinne nwannem!

    This is just the beginning!

    I love you Sir.
    Ka ana-ejegodi..

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