Alex Chuks – Oluwa Dara

Oluwa Dara by Alex Chuks

Oluwa Dara by Alex ChuksAlex Chuks is out with a new single, titled OLUWA DARA. ( Meaning GOD IS GOOD) It’s a remix of his last single THE GREATEST INVENTOR. Thus he said “It’s a nice piece, but I thought it twice and remembered my God can not be compared with any creation”.

The original message was to praise and lift God high above all creations, but as it were, some lines changed the message totally. That’s why I’m led to remix the song, so as to bring the Song back to my primary intent, which is the original message. God bless all my fans and families who were already liking and commenting positively on the first mix. I believe that if you liked the first mix. you will love this remix. Thanks for the support.


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