Song Mp3 Download: ELi J – Somebody Knows + Lyrics

Somebody knows by Eli J

Download Gospel music Mp3 Somebody Knows by Eli J. Use the download link below get this great gospel track. Also download other gospel tracks by Eli J HERE.

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Lyrics Of Somebody Knows

Verse 1:
I used to think Nobody knows
Nobody knows ma name
Nobody knows what today holds
Nobody knows tomorrow

I used to think Nobody knows
Nobody knows what my future holds
Nobody cares even if I live or die
Nobody knows what I’m going through

Verse 2:
Then I found out
That Somebody knows
Somebody knows ma name
Somebody knows what I dreamt about last night
Somebody knows tomorrow

Somebody knows
Somebody knows all I put in
Somebody knows about ma sleepless nights
Somebody knows even when nobody knows

Somebody knows when you’re crying
Those hurt and pain inside
Questions that you need answers to
Somebody knows
Somebody knows all that you need
That’s why he sent him to you
So you’ll only have Joy inside
Feel peace inside
And answers to the questions in your mind
Somebody knows
You have all that u need!
Cos’ Somebody knows


Verse 3:
Somebody knows
Somebody knows your name
Somebody knows all you put in
Somebody knows what you do everyday ay-ay
Somebody knows
Somebody knows all that you did
Somebody knows
You see you’re important you can’t die no more

(Repeat chorus)

Somebody knows x2
I know somebody who knows
Don’t leave, whatever it is
I call him Mr. Fix it… Yeah!
Jesus knows
Yes Jesus knows all you do
Jesus knows x2


  1. I love this song, each time I listen to it, it sound new in my ears. It also makes me feel the fathers love which encourages me. Sar thank you for this song.

  2. Thank you for this wonderful song

    It gives me hope that somebody knows what am
    Going through thank you

  3. Awesome! … GOD bless you for this song.. It inspires and instills more hope and dependance on God

  4. sir but I had de talent of singing since I had no body to out me through de more it just leaving me and I want it back by force.Good day and happy new month

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